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  1. A Little Bit About Me

    Member Introduction
    Hello Halloween Forum Members, Although I signed up last Halloween season, I have really not posted anything till just recently. I started building Halloween props and sets many years ago when I was in Jr. High and long before anything was available for purchase. The end result was that (back...
  2. He Had "Been Here" 50 times!

    General Halloween
    Then over the next two hours I made him "Jump!" Swear! , then express disbelief that I had once more scared him (All the while in front of his girlfriend! ) As they were leaving he said that I will be seeing him soon! Yes, I do some unusual things here to scare (Entertain) people, which will...
  3. Hello all. I run Monster Cafe Saltillo

    Member Introduction
    Hi there. Just discovered this site by following a pic of the album Sounds to make you Shiver. It was apart of my childhood. I took that and ran with it later in life. In 2008 I opened up my own restaurant. Monster Café Saltillo. It is a restaurant based on the old monster movies from my...
  4. Gods of the Nowhere

    Literature and Role-Playing
    Has anyone read this book? I'm slightly interested in reading it, but I can't figure out based on reviews and such on Amazon and Goodreads, if it's more of a youth fiction or not. I think that if it's too juvenile I may regret getting it. Any input would be appreciated! Oh, and it IS a...
  5. Ideas for youth group?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hello everyone, I have just found this site and have already spent several hours raiding it for fun stuff to do with my youth groups (11 - 16 year olds) Halloween party on Friday. I am setting up 'stations' in a semi dark field which they will visit in teams to do tasks. I have already...
  6. Kids/Youth Art and Video Contest - Great Prizes

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Better formatted here: Halloween Contests! ThirteenForHalloween.com is holding a Halloween visual art and video contest for individuals ages 5 to 18. Categories Elementary Art Middle School Art High School Art All Ages Video or Animation Prizes All entrants that follow these written...