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  1. Halloween Props
    So I found 2 brand new (one just used to test it the other never opened) Chauvet Hurricane 900 fog machines with remotes and timers at a yard sale today along with 2 gallons of swamp juice from froggy.com. Paid $50 for all. Did I get a good deal? Or did I get suckered? I've tried to see if I...
  2. Halloween Props
    Hey all ( and yes I've searched the forum already- there is A LOT of pages regarding fog/fogger/chiller) Just wondering if anyone had tried and true method for keeping fog around for hot weather- I live in AZ and Halloween is usually in the 90s. I also have a yard consisting mostly of rocks. I...
  3. General Halloween
    So I've been recruited by to teach two classes at my library. One is how to build tombstones, which is easy. The other is a yard decorating class... Which is the one I'm nervous about. I've never had to teach a class before, and I'm terrible at public speaking. I'm also not sure how to go about...
  4. General Halloween
    Does anyone use Facebook or other social media to promote your yard haunt? If you do, has it increased the number of tot's you get?
  5. Member Introduction
    I have had a yard haunt for many years now and after last year gave all of what I had to a neighbor who had young kids. So now I am starting over with a different approach. will add a few home made tombstones, ghostly figures, and a lot of paper mache pumpkins to the yard over the next couple...
  6. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    8 wall panels for sale, used them for a yard haunt for 2 years, well built and garage kept. Ive since stopped setting up my yard for Halloween so if your interested in the panels I will throw in some small knick knacks I still have like netting, lanterns and small foggers. Just trying to clean...
  7. Member Introduction
    Hi everyone! Long time lurker - finally decided to log in :-) Living in Australia makes Halloween a bit different as we are starting to come into longer, warmer days by the end of October, but we still do our best to set up a yard haunt. I'm also involved with a charity Halloween event at a...
  8. General Halloween
    We must have a 2018 Yard Sale, Thrift Store, Flea market Giveaways and Curb Alert Finds/Treasures Thread this is one of my favorite threads. So let the 2018 hunting start now . Here is to happy hunting
  9. Member Introduction
    Hi, I'm Phillip from Dallas Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and this year was the first time I was able to create a yard haunt in my front yard thanks to all the inspiration and how-to's I found on this forum. Can't wait to start building more props for next year! Cheers.
  10. General Halloween
    Pics from this year's haunt as well as previous years are up on our website hauntedeve.com
  11. Halloween Props
    Here is the next chapter in our ongoing saga. I appreciate all the work everyone here does and it is always inspiring. I posted more pictures of the whole yard at the link below. https://www.instagram.com/ratmonkey31/
  12. General Halloween
    So it seems that I live only a half-neighborhood away from a fellow forum member, and only found out about it last night! Shadowcaster came by my yard to see what all the fuss was about; my two sons were escorting their little sister around for ToT, and came upon his awesome yard display, and...
  13. Halloween Props
    A walk through of my yard on Halloween 2017. I'd consider this small but it made the front page of the newspaper.
  14. Halloween Props
    Sharing my yard haunt, share yours too!
  15. Member Introduction
    Greetings fellow haunters! I've been building a Halloween Maze in my side yard for trick or treaters for the past few years, and opened the invitation up to the community at large this year, starting October 14 and running through (perhaps a little past) Halloween. We opened 6:30-8:30pm nightly...
  16. Member Introduction
    Howdy! Just signed up, looks like a cool place. I like Halloween, but it's hard to get my older kids into it. They're in high school and college, so they're "too old" for it. But I'm a big kid so I decorate the yard and scare little kids on Halloween night and grab their candy when they drop it...
  17. General Halloween
    I always hoped it would not happen to me... Last night we had a party and set up the cemetery in the front yard, but we didn't bring everything inside before bed (usually we do same day set up/take down on Halloween). This morning I woke up to see only ONE of the two massive Home Depot...
  18. Halloween Props
    I love this chiller.... works amazing.... But.... its a 44gal grey garbage can in the middle of my yard. Please share some ideas for hiding this a bit better! :-)
  19. Halloween Props
    Here is the first video from my yard haunt this year. This is my first year doing the haunt. I started on it in the middle of September so was lucky to get this much done. But I am now planning for next year. I built all props and animitronics myself. You can see more about that on my...
  20. Halloween Props
    This is my first year having a pose-n-stay skeleton. I need them standing in my display. How do you all get yours to stay standing in the yard? If you have pictures of your method that would help immensely. Thanks!