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  1. Halloween Props
    Hi All, I’m so excited this year I’ve been wanting to put a haunt in my yard for a couple years now. Here it is, i made it myself other than the steel wheels and the horse. I plan on adding a little to it every year. What do you all think?
  2. Member Introduction
    Hi everyone. First, I'd like to say how inspired I get simply looking through all of the insane DIY projects I see posted here! I'm certainly not talented, but I am hopeful to gain insights and tricks along my quest to improve. I'm thinking of doing a simple paper mache spookie pumpkin set up...
  3. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I came up with this to keep the TOTs out of the props as they go through the yard haunt. It was the cheapest option considering I had absolutely no supplies. Everything was bought at Menards and the fence ended up around 30 ft. PVC pipe 70 ft ....$7 (1/2-1 inch depending on your...
  4. General Halloween
    I'm not sure if this person is on HF or not, but I had to share this incredible front yard display. The house is dead center in a cul de sac not too far from my home. I want to spend a half hour just to take in everything. I can imagine where they store all of these props. I believe they do...
  5. Announcements / Press Releases
    Hey Kids! Shannon Shea from PHANTOM HARBOR here to invite you all to submit photos, videos, etc. to the Captain for inclusion in this year's month long celebration of Halloween! What is Phantom Harbor? WHAT?!....YOU DON'T KNOW PHANTOM HARBOR?!!!! I'm kidding. Phantom Harbor is my...
  6. Member Introduction
    Hello Everyone. I'm brand new to this forum as a member but not to this site. I've been reading your posts for a few years now and have been inspired by all of you!! I'm a professional Actor and singer and have been performing for the Walt Disney Company for 15 years now! I started my first...
  7. Announcements / Press Releases
    WWW.PHANTOMHARBOR.COM wants YOU! The Captain is initiating a special segment for the month of October featuring the best yard haunts! So send photos and videos that say: "Yard Haunt Submission" in the subject box to: [email protected] Have your efforts be seen by horror fans all...
1-7 of 7 Results