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yard haunt ideas

  1. Sci-fi horror ideas

    General Halloween
    Hey all. Been reading a great mashup of Star Wars and zombies thought, now that could be a fun haunt mashup. Any ideas?
  2. HELP!!! I suddenly have to revamp my yard! Need ideas!

    General Halloween
    UGGGGHHHH!!! I got my 3D, full size paper mache tombstones out this weekend to fix them up and they are unusable. They have "collapsed" under their own weight and have yellowed severely (used marine grade urethane). It would take a LOT of time to repair them (IF it's possible) and honestly I...
  3. Static: 2014 Yard Haunt (Advice Needed!)

    Halloween Props
    hello everyone, so this year I am kind of swaying towards doing a gothic manor theme for my yard haunt .. although I am obsessed with the look of gothic architecture and gothic designs I am not really sure how to execute the theme in a yard. I was thinking for my porch I could do parlour type...
  4. Prop Showcase: 2014 Brainstorming & Ideas

    Halloween Props
    Hello everyone! The 2014 halloween/haunt season is creeping up on us quite quickly so I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. Despite my brainstorming I'm still unsure as to what direction I want to take my haunt in this year. The idea that I am most leaning towards at the moment and would...
  5. Prop Showcase: Kinda New To This Whole Thing

    Halloween Props
    hello everyone! I am new to halloweenforum as I am new to the whole haunt world! I have always loved halloween and this year I have finally decided to put together my first yard haunt :D ! I am extremely excited but I am faced with the challenge of choosing a theme. I don't want to a cemetery...
  6. Insanely decorate front lawn

    General Halloween
    I'm not sure if this person is on HF or not, but I had to share this incredible front yard display. The house is dead center in a cul de sac not too far from my home. I want to spend a half hour just to take in everything. I can imagine where they store all of these props. I believe they do...
  7. excitted about our new house then kicked in the N#&s

    General Halloween
    I was so excitted to buy our new house and started to plan how and what I was going to do for this coming Halloween. Then the neighbor came over and told me that we don`t get any kids around here . It is mostly old folks and the quiet part of the area.I felt as though I just got kicked in the...