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  1. Any suggestions for how to make my yard scarier and more interactive?!

    General Halloween
    This is my first post, but I have been following for the last 3 years for ideas and have found this forum to be very inspiring and informative! I really want to go all out and make my yard a lot scarier and more interactive (some sort of walkthrough or path) but I have no idea where to...
  2. Hello, new to you, but not to Halloween decorating

    Member Introduction
    I saw your posts about yards and that was all that I needed to join in with you. Oh, yes you want an introduction first. (I'm playing with these these posting features :confused:, so please bear with me. ) I live in Chester County, PA. My yard at this time of year is called "Uwchlan Haunt...
  3. Yard Decorations : How long before Halloween do you put them out?

    General Halloween
    Just curious if anyone has any strategies on how far in advance you put stuff in your yard. Does time build interest among your neighbors or does the effect get stale if you get too far ahead? I ask because this will be my first time decorating a yard that's really visible to passersby. Plus I...
  4. 2015 Halloween Display

    General Halloween
    Here is some of my day and night time photos of my display. I have also added some videos. The weather we had was mostly cloudy, sprinkled in the afternoon and rained after the TOT's came. I really liked how some of my new props turned out and the lighting and other little things here and there...
  5. Totally new to all this....feel like a Halloween rookie

    Member Introduction
    So I have no idea what I am doing but I have been pursing the site and I love all the tutorials and pics. I have been decorating off and on for years and just collecting the stuff I am attracted to but this year I decided to try my hand at making my own stuff. I made a yard sign, a pumpkin...
  6. Yard Decor Ideas?

    General Halloween
    Every year my family and I do something big (well at least compared to everyone else in our neighborhood). Every year we change it up. Last year we did a carnival theme. Transformed our whole backyard, we had games, everyone in costume, and we bought a popcorn and cotton candy machine. Which is...
  7. yard 2014 grainy though it may be wife took vid

    General Halloween
    added pics yard 2014 grainy though it may be wife took vid well, I hope you can see what it looks like done fore now until the week of Halloween, when I put out animated props (store bought)http://youtu.be/SGoAp4xq7xg, sorry couldn't download it here http://youtu.be/Bl11KCl4AjI, just added some...
  8. Insanely decorate front lawn

    General Halloween
    I'm not sure if this person is on HF or not, but I had to share this incredible front yard display. The house is dead center in a cul de sac not too far from my home. I want to spend a half hour just to take in everything. I can imagine where they store all of these props. I believe they do...