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  1. It's Official - The X-Files Is Back!

    Horror Discussion
    There have been rumors of an X-Files return to primetime for many years and finally the rumors are no more but actually true. FOX NETWORK and Carter announced today that they finalized the deal and six new episodes will be filmed starting this summer. Duchovny and Anderson are returning and...
  2. 31 Days Till Halloween

    31 Days Till Halloween 9/30/2013 Songs in the Key of X - Music from and Inspired by 'the X-Files' (1996) My all-time favorite show. It’s a bit of an uneven selection of songs … some fit better with the theme than others. “Red Right Hand”, “Unmarked Helicopters”, “Deep”, “Frenzy” all fit...
  3. How to build a UFO

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    This thread is going to chronicle my attempt to build a crashed UFO. I always start with a few drawings and then I walk around the garage a bit to see what I can actually accomplish. The spacecraft will appear to have crashed into my front yard. Assorted lights and fog machines for effects...