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  1. Member Introduction
    Hey, chillins! It took me a while but I've finally found a forum dedicated to celebrating Halloween as much as I do: every day! Halloween has been a very important part of my life from a young age and I've amassed an appreciation for it since the age of 20 when I started researching its...
  2. General Halloween
    Well made the first entry on my Halloween 2019 to do list. Anyone else already at least writing down ideas?
  3. Member Introduction
    Hi, Robin from Sweden here. A teachers that just has built my very first Haunted House. Writing a DIY thread about it with lots of pictures and movies that will be up any minute =)
  4. Halloween Props
    I cant remember what it was called so it is hard to search. But the effect was a book that used a magnet and a pen that made the pen look like it was writing in the book by itself. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  5. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    What says Halloween Party like some good ole Caroling??? ok not Caroling, how about Scare-o-ling... I had rewritten some Carols awhile back for Halloween and use to go around knocking on neighbors doors and singing for them... what fun dressing up like Victorian Christmas Caroling Zombies...
  6. Halloween Music
    Hiya! I currently use Garage Band to write my music, but I feel like it is fairly limited for what it can do. I was wondering if any of you guys had any suggestions on freeware or inexpensive music writing software? Audacity is good for putting tracks together, but I am looking for some...
  7. Member Introduction
    Just writing to say hello to everyone. First time here. It looks very interesting.
  8. Halloween Props
    So this is my first "big" haunt year for my front yard haunt, "Willow Crest Manor". Some of the highlights will be me in an oversized igor/frankenstein style costume, a magic mirror wall, and my 3 projection talking busts (madam leota style face projection). I want my haunt to have sort of a...
1-8 of 13 Results