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  1. Halloween Props
    This isn't material I created, I just happened to find it while I was looking for tutorials on sculpting facial wrinkles and creases in WED clay. "Tutorials and Step-By-Step" seemed like the most proper forum. I made sure to download the PDF in case it goes missing from the Internet...
  2. Halloween Props
    One of my witches was ruined by the rain so I am rushing trying to make another...first my clay kept cracking..so I am filling in with joint compound..but it took all her wrinkles out and grrrrrr..she isn't looking like a witch, but maybe when shes done it'll work! Think I can use a thin layer...
  3. Makeup
    Hey guys. I am trying to get a look of heavy wrinkles. Here is the catch. I need to do it fairly quickly, and on the cheap. Here is a picture of the look I am kind of going for: Now, that being said, I threw something together once before by using white hair spray and a purple sharpee...
1-3 of 5 Results