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  1. Goat skull wreath

    A grapevine wreath woven by my mother in law to witch I added a real goats horn plate with fading purple led lights. I don't get any religious tracts tucked in the door when this bad boy is hanging.
  2. Halloween Crafts
    I'm not the biggest fan of "cute" Halloween decorations so I made this spiders nest wreath! I love how creepy it turned out! What do y'all think??
  3. Halloween Crafts
    Here is my version of the NBC count down clock i love how it turned out. I built a wood box Next i paint box and after paint was dry i added the little wood knobs For the face i actual found a clock that would fit inside a grape vine wreath I painted the wreath and edge of clock black...
  4. Halloween Props
    Here is my version of the NBC count down clock i love how it turned out. I built a wood box Next i paint box and after paint was dry i added the little wood knobs For the face i actual found a clock that would fit inside a grape vine wreath I painted the wreath and edge of clock...
  5. Halloween Props
    I decided to do The Nightmare Before Christmas as my theme this year, for the 25th anniversary of the movie. There is so much material there to work with. In hindsight, I should have started building in June. I did not get as many characters as I wanted, but it still turned out pretty good. I...
  6. General Halloween
    Has anyone else started on their autumn pre-halloween outdoor decorating? Every year I enjoy getting my house ready with festive autumn planters, hay bales, pumpkins, gourds, scarecrows and more. I still need to add some lights, garland and wreath, that will be this weeks project. I'd love...
  7. General Halloween
    Just got their latest catalog in the mail and they have a few really cute Halloween things. Kind of pricey, but if you get a good sale it could be worth it. I really like the Witching Hour wreath and the vintage candy bowls! https://www.balsamhill.com/c/halloween-decor
  8. General Halloween
    Wow, surprised I could find yearly threads for Oriental Trading for years going all the way back to 2012 and maybe beyond but not for the current year. So here it is! Wanted to share a photo of OT's wreath storage bag I bought on sale about a week ago that I'm using to store my skeleton snakes...
  9. Halloween Crafts
    I am wanting to put a raven on the wreath I am making but I'm not sure how well the feathered ravens like from Michaels will hold up even with pro strength UV coating. This will be for this door, no over hang. The rest of the wreath is glitter stuff sandwiched in outdoor modpodge which will be...
  10. General Halloween
    https://www.steinmart.com/category/home/shops/halloween.do They don't have much yet, but I'm really digging this wreath & doormat:
  11. Halloween Crafts
    Tonight I made my first hallowe'en wreath! Just wanted to share with y'all! I took inspiration from thegrimwreather on instagram. Their works are nothing short of amazing. Go check them out. In the meantime, here is mine! Hope you like it! https://www.instagram.com/p/BKMs7UlAFh0/
  12. Halloween Crafts
    Here's a wreath I made last Halloween:
  13. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I wanted something new on the front of the house this year and decided to make new wall sconces (candle wreaths) to hang up on the porch columns. This project took about 4 hours to make 2 of them and cost under $15 total. Material list: Wooden sticks - for the bones Newspaper - for the ends...
  14. Halloween Props
    Is anyone able to tell what material the wreath is? Is it just a green garland Christmas wreath spray painted black or were they made black from the factory. Also is it even a normal garland material? I can't find one anywhere. I only found one website that sells black wreaths but they look...
  15. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Got a start today on the Forbidden Tiki Island, our theme for 2015, by putting together this wreath. The base is a super-large pine wreath on clearance right now at Michaels. Then, I attached stems of tropical leaves that I found at Dollar Tree. The mask was a yard sale find about a year ago...
  16. Halloween Crafts
    Starting this thread just to give people a heads up to January craft of the month January – Wreath / Signs:) this is about being creative and seeing what everyone comes up with its not a contest just to have fun. maybe even doing something you never tried before share ideas post up in...
  17. General Halloween
    I went to Hobby Lobby today, and left with some great Halloween/Thanks Giving decorations at 80% off. Scored a 170 dollar wreath for 35 bucks, woohoo! And - they had Funkinz for 80% off.
  18. General Halloween
    Yes, I know - it's insanely expensive for a 'wreath'... but, I wanted it. 9/2 placed order for Grandin Road "Happy Haunting Wreath" 9/8 - received email that it's on back order and shipping on 9/15 9/12 - received email stating pushed back until 9/22 9/29 - Told that it was coming in 'today'...
  19. Halloween Props
    Hi guys! This year the kids wanted to up the ante on our Nightmare Before Christmas theme and I found Kristie's excellent http://diynmbcprops.blogspot.com props website. One thing the kids loved was the Haunted Mansion wreath skull and I thought we could try making it ourselves. One trip to the...
  20. Halloween Props
    Here are my wreaths i created from dollar store christmas wreath and lite-up glitter skull.
1-20 of 25 Results