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  1. I am back !!

    Member Introduction
    Just a quick hello to all. I have been very busy the last two years ( wow TWO YEARS) and have not had much time to dedicate to my love of Halloween. Still set up But now , new house, new nieghBOOHOOD and looking for new ideas. Even had to get rid of some much loved props due to lack of space...
  2. A long time .....

    General Halloween
    Wow ... It's been a very long time since I have been on here. Hopefully everything is still up and running smoothly. Checked my status as to when the last time I was on here and it said 2012!!! Hmmmmmm ... been very busy within the working class I guess. Anywho, hope all you haunters are doing...
  3. new member here

    Member Introduction
    I stumbled upon this site from pinterest and wow, you guys are great. This could be a new addiction for me. So many great ideas and not nearly enough time to try it all. I will say in advance that I tend to lurk more than type. Hurray for Halloween fanatics! Off to continue lurking quietly. JD
  4. Happy October

    General Halloween
    Wow, it's here in another half hour. The question is, are you ready for it? ;)
  5. Tales from the crypt

    Horror Discussion
    Just got the box set and wow, I forgot how good this was! Its a who's who of A list actors from the 90's. On season 2 and am curious how it changes from year to year.
  6. Help: Graveyard Wow factor prop

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I am trying to lock down my theme this year with somewhat of a late start. I typically fill a 4,000sq foot tent with a full theme each season for a party. Typically each theme has had a very grand prop in the center for a wow factor. Last year I did wild west and had a mechanical bull, the...
  7. Haven't been here for ages.

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Hello all, wow I haven't logged in for ages. Hope you're all doing well :D
  8. Help w/Dead Celebrity invite

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I'm running way way behind this yr. I have just decided on Dead Celebrities as our theme. I can not come up with anything exciting and WOW for my invites though... Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated !!! Presentation is my WOW factor usually.
  9. I need cake ideas!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So my party theme is insane asylum. I've searched high and low for a cake idea to fit my theme, and can't seem to find anything with that wow factor! I'm not a pro by any means but do know my way around fondant and modelling chocolate. Help!
  10. Decorating question, please help.

    General Halloween
    Like may of you I will be getting ready to decorate for Halloween very soon. My question is, do any of you put everything up well in advance or do you save some stuff for the big day? My wife seems to think putting everything out 3 weeks early doesn't give the display that wow fact on...
  11. Static: HELP! Need quick WOW ideas!

    Halloween Props
    The fact that my decorations from last year were partially damaged (fence broke - needs rebuilt, the columns were damaged in storage, hang man needs help) coupled with the fact that work has me so swamped that I don't want to do anything but sleep, leaves me no time to pull off new builds (and...
  12. Electronic/Software: Motor Motions

    Halloween Props
    I came across some youtube videos that dropped my jaw open. The ways this man makes props move is great. A motor, some metal arms and PVC.......just wow. Here is a link to all his video's. He has several of the movement videos...
  13. Prop Showcase: Gemmy Prototype Life Size for 2015?

    Halloween Props
    One Word. WOW. Hope they make her this year! COMMENT! :)
  14. All the new members!

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Wow, has this place grown since I joined in 2003. I hardly recognize any of the names around here anymore but it certainly does my heart good to see all the Halloween enthusiasts exchanging ideas and offering help to one another. Keep on rockin it you guys, you're awesome and Happy Halloween!
  15. My Tikis!!!

    Halloween Props
    Wow, wow, wow...Let me start by telling you a story. My dad works for a city that has a lot of community events and they have an employee that is exceptionally good at creating props and backdrops. I mentioned that we needed tikis for our party and my dad said he would see if Gus would help...