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  1. Making pumpkin monsters

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Ok, I used house wiring for the arms, since I have access to scraps. You could use coat hangers though, that's what I used for the legs. Really I just wound the paper towels around the wires to pad them, hot gluing as I went. Some I also used twine to wrap around to give a vine look. Some I...
  2. Zombie Bite Wound

    Coloured the skin around the wound with green, yellow, blue, black, and red grease paints. Wound was made with scar wax, black and red grease paints used for gore, then covered with fake blood.
  3. Other: Chemical burn make up

    Halloween Props
    YouTube - NDIY, or Not how to remove a tattoo I did the make up for the chemical burn from elmers school glue and red acrylic craft paint.