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  1. Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    http://www.hudsonvalley.org/events/blaze This event always generates gorgeous pictures of massive Jack 'O Lantern displays. Has anyone here seen it in person, and would it be worth a flight or a roadtrip?
  2. Halloween Props
    So I am very interested in the low lying fog machine that spirit or really anyone sells. Does anyone have experience with it? Is it worth the $70 price tag? Thanks in advance!
  3. Halloween Props
    Hi, just wondering if anyone has tried one of these backgrounds...I was thinking of trying it but first wanted to hear if they are worth it. did you find them durable?, rip easy? rain proof, will they dry out. or are these a one time use...
  4. Halloween Props
    It took awhile to remove the area on the back of the mirror to get this effect but it was well worth it and looks very creepy in real life.
  5. General Halloween
    For $20 apiece, a couple of these may be worth purchasing to bulk up a skeleton army (or to use the carpool lane:D): http://www.ebay.com/itm/Awesome-Life-Size-Skeleton-Model-Kit-/190353022957?pt=Educational_Toys_US&hash=item2c51ec9fed
  6. General Halloween
    I stopped in yesterday and saw some candy, plus fall/harvest decorations. Not much, but they're starting. After back-to-school kicks back, I'm sure they will be lining the shelves. Even though every year they tend to have many similar items, it's always worth checking out for some neat stuff...