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  1. Mechanical: Help with cauldron creep head movement

    Halloween Props
    I could really use some advice to save me time and aggravation. See my video first: https://youtu.be/dUAD_fsq1fA I'm having a couple challenges with the head. First, what should I do to get the head to come up more vertical? At its highest point, it is still too angled down for my taste. My...
  2. Anyone in the Chicago area ever visit Ahlgrim Funeral Home?

    General Halloween
    I saw them mentioned on the net - seem to enjoy macabre aspects of their profession...even to the point of having a haunt-themed miniature golf course in the basement under the funeral home! But don't worry, they strictly forbid playing while a funeral is going on upstairs...
  3. Hi, I'm a new member that puts on a benefit halloween barrel race every year

    Member Introduction
    Hi all, My name is Jackie Harris, I am th founder/president of a non profit organization, Dreaming of Three. It is a organization that is comprised of equestrians who compete and donate portions of their winnings to charities. Our main program is our Rodeo Kids Program, where we are similar to...
  4. Dealing with Competing Sounds?

    General Halloween
    I'm putting up a small haunt in my garage this year. I only plan 4-5 props/scares, but I worry that the sounds from each area will compete with one another. Last year, I set up everything on our front porch. It was pretty obvious that the sound effects from the animatronics made it so you...
  5. Props can seem to interact if it's very windy!

    General Halloween
    Last halloween I was giving candy to the trick or treaters, and I hung up two hanging props; a grim reaper and a caged skeleton.. They both have motion sensors and they set off over and over. This is what they said: GR: grim reaper CS: caged skeleton GR: Don't worry... I'll be going soon...
  6. Mechanical: My indoor props

    Halloween Props
    This might be a silly question, but I will ask anyway. We have the 6 ft. Freddy, Jason and a grim reaper. We want to put them outside with all our other decorations but worry the weather will ruin them, is there anyway to be able to do this?