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  1. Atmosphere Effects: Large garage door rear projection material

    Halloween Props
    I know this has been asked tons of times but no one ever comes back and say what worked the best for them. I have a opening of 7'x14' to cover. I was thinking of using this Carl's Gray Rear Projection Film - Rear Projector Screen Material (Low Light, Rear Projection) I could make a frame and use...
  2. Mechanical: Human Rotisserie

    Halloween Props
    So, I have my hot coals, and I have my skeleton, and I want to build a human sized rotisserie. I have seen a couple of them on here before, but I can't find them. Are there any good DIYs for a skeleton-sized rotisserie? The basic model in my head is scrap wood and PVC pipe (seems like it...
  3. Blood Recipes

    Halloween Props
    Can somebody please share their best blood recipe ? There are many out there, and I really don't want to spend a day making blood unneccesarily :-) I have acouple of uses in mind. One is putting the blood on white sheets, so I'm hoping the color will stay bright by Halloween... Hmmm.... or...
  4. Dealing With Disappointment

    General Halloween
    It seems like every year there is some kind of snag that doesn't let me decorate the way I want. Last year we had lost my mother-in-law, my father-in-law had a serious stroke and I was dealing with some mild health issues. This year we've lost my father-in-law, I went back to college and I...
  5. Looking for realistic fake pumpkins.

    General Halloween
    I did a pumpkin patch last year, and want to make it even bigger this year. The problem is the cost of real pumpkins to do this is too much. So I was wondering if there are any good size cheap pumpkin props. Not really worried about realistic looking, I can fix that with paint. More worried...
  6. Food Network Halloween Wars Returns!

    Horror Discussion
    http://www.horrorsociety.com/2016/08/31/food-network-announces-halloween-wars-season-6-new-host-new-celebrity-panel/ do we know this already? I was worried it wouldn't...so happy now!
  7. I hate 2016, partial to complete Halloween derailment ARGH!

    General Halloween
    So my husband has to have a SURPRISE! triple bypass next week. With recovery time and since I am his only local family I'm going to be late putting Halloween out and may have to cancel the annual party. I haven't even finished rewiring the pumpkins because my schedule being turned upside down...
  8. Electronic/Software: Weatherproof Projector Enclosure?

    Halloween Props
    I tried my best to search through the site locally and via google, but still have questions on an enclosure for an outdoor projector. While masking it isn't the issue, I am needing something weather proof for a Minnesota fall. I'd like to do singing pumpkins for just about a week. Per an...
  9. Other: What to do with clown lawn stakes?

    Halloween Props
    So we went to the Spirit store yesterday and decided to pick up two sets of clown head lawn stakes because they were better than the current lawn stakes we have and the other set they had in the store. The problem is that we've never done a theme before, and I'm worried the clown stakes will...
  10. Looking for a Halloween rhymes

    General Halloween
    Hi everybody, some time ago I had a wonderful vintage postcard of Halloween with a very nice rhyme in it; Was something like: "if black cats or witches find you today, don't be worried.....". I lost the postcard. I can't remember it but it was very short. I tried to find it on the web but I had...
  11. Halloween home Haunt 2015 for charity, how to get good attendance?

    General Halloween
  12. Anyone heard from Raven's Hollow Cemetery lately?

    General Halloween
    getting worried... he and i talk off an on all year, and usually, esp this time of year, hes pretty active on here. doesnt look like hes been around and he hasnt replied to any of my messages asking him to confirm hes still alive. if anyone knows him in real life, or has contact info other...