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  1. General Halloween
    The 2018 Village Mire Yard Haunt Cape Cod MA. Enjoy and Stay Scary! Listen to Hauntcast - Radio for Haunters http://hauntcast.net Support the Village Mire and Hauntcast on https://www.subscribestar.com/hauntcast
  2. For Sale By Merchants
    Take advantage of the compact 27:1 gear reduction these Worm Gear Sets provide. Increase durability, help eliminate backdriving, and increase torque with these sets in your builds! Available in both 1/4" D-Bore Worm Gear and 6mm D-Bore - 1/4" Round Bore Worm Gear...
  3. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hey everyone! In this tutorial I make a cool radioactive worm monster guy. I took some inspiration from The Garage Of Terror Page and I made it my own. I go step by step in all my videos so give it a watch and let me know how it turned out!
    To all, I have a working garage door opener which I assume has massive torque. I would like to use it and its 12' of good/working worm gear drive to fly a "monster" down & back. My limiters works <micro switches> so I assume that I would just need to "fly" the worm gear track that is good from...
  5. Halloween Props
    Greetings fellow haunters! ;) After the 4th of July is when my decomposing brain starts thinking about Halloween. When it gets going, trust me it gets going! This year's Halloween isn't going to be as bad as last year due to the fact that it falls on a Monday. The hood is anticipating...
  6. Halloween Props
    Next year I'm going with a medieval / LOTR / Hobbit / Excalibur / Clash of the Titans theme. I want to incorporate a lot of movement into my props with a path through them to make it a bit more interactive and interesting for the ToTs. One of the props I'm considering is a version of a hydra...
  7. Halloween Props
    I was perusing Stiltbeast's Youtube channel, as everyone should, and I came across his intestines tutorial. At first I was mildly interested. Ain't got much use for intestines this season. About 4 or 5 minutes in, inspiration struck. Not intestines! Burt, "Food for five years, a thousand...
1-7 of 7 Results