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  1. Taking a Trip Back in Time

    General Halloween
    We love the Halloween Forum. There are so many great ideas and suggestions. People answer our questions, and we get a chance to pass along what we've learned to fellow haunters far, far away. One thing we find fun to do when we’re taking a break is to visit a favorite main forum and click on the...
  2. Harry Potter Party Decorations

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Will not seperate. Will ship, buyer pays shipping. I accept cash, Paypal, and Venmo. Asking $200. Includes: Harry Potter Wand Sorting Hat 2 Griffendor Robes with Scarves Dementor Costume 2 Quidditch Costumes Nimbus 2000 All 4 House Banners Hogwarts Wax Seal Kit (Gold wax half used) Hedwig...
  3. Static: Covering Anamatronics in rain

    Halloween Props
    I have a few store bought animated props I was looking forward to setting out for my haunt on Halloween. Had a great plan and bought 2 new ones with the said plan in mind. However there is now a 50% chance of rain on Halloween night, and I need to cover at least a couple of them. Will covering...
  4. Projector kit $25 + shipping 9/19/18

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    https://www.improvementscatalog.com/virtual-holiday-projector-kit/outlet/holiday-outlet/375653 $49.97 half off with code MM8W686. Shipping was $9.95 to California. That code takes half off anything in Outlet, there are some nice Skellington items and other gadgets in there as well. Expires...
  5. CostPlus World Market - Friends & Family 30% off Purchase thru 10/9

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    CostPlus World Market is running their Friends & Family event now thru Mon. 10/9. 30% off Entire Purchase (except food and beverage) plus Free Shipping on online orders over $200. The online code for the general public is FAMFRIENDS and if you'll be purchasing In Store, there's a coupon you...
  6. World market 2017

    General Halloween
    https://www.worldmarket.com/category/holiday/halloween.do?c=116735.117375&sortby=ourPicksAscend&page=all Oh goodness the skellies!
  7. A message hope and thanks from UK in light of our recent terrorist attack

    Off-Topic Stuff
    In light of the recent horrific terrorist attack in Manchester here in the UK, I wanted to write this message of hope and thanks to all members of the Halloween Forum. As I have watched again today with such sadness, it has been confirmed that further innocent people have been murdered, a young...
  8. First World Problem?

    General Halloween
    trying to pack my life up to move and realizing...
  9. Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2016 in Disney World!

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    I have tickets this year to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and I'm soooo excited! I've actually never been to Disney World before, so I'm happy that my first visit will include a Halloween party of all things! I know that it's made for both kids and adults, so it's not scary, just like...
  10. Huge thank you!!!

    General Halloween
    Sending out a huge thank you to everyone here that was kind enough to vote for my oogie boogie pumpkin in the pumpkin contest! I won first place! It means the world to me to end my Halloween on such a high note! So thank you thank you thank you to each of you that voted! Much love! Xoxoxox
  11. Hello from NC

    Member Introduction
    Hello fellow Halloween enthusiasts! I hope that all of you are enjoying this Halloween season;-) There is something special about Halloween,as it allows for fun, creativity, scares and candy for all ages! I have been decorating my yard and collecting decor for 20 years now but I am just...
  12. Hello from new memember / long term lurker

    Member Introduction
    Hi all, I've been lurking here for years and finally jumped in. We haven't done anything spooky for Halloween in a while - usually a theme like pirates or spacemen or Jurassic World (this year - totally looking forward to seeing it come together). Joey / Guywithmonsters :-)
  13. Newbie from Scotland UK

    Member Introduction
    Just thought I'd stop by and say hi and introduce myself. I'm Donna, lover of all things Halloween, so much so I'm due to marry my best friend and fiance on October 31st 2018! Have 2 beautiful kids who are my world. Halloween isn't so big across here so my dream is to visit the USA for it...
  14. Spider Skeleton

    Halloween Props
    For the life of me I can't find the post someone made recently inquiring about a skeleton spider that would go with the current Crazy Bonez animals (dogs, cat, bird) so am starting this thread. Kind of late in the buying season to post this but if not for this year maybe it will help someone out...
  15. Static: Local Flavor at Halloween

    Halloween Props
    We wanted to add a little local flavor to,our outdoor scene this year. A local landmark is the Golden Driller, erected during Tulsa's heyday as the "oil capital of the world"....so we created our Halloween homage in its image :)
  16. What Party Themes have you done?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Always looking for new ideas! We have done - Space Oddity 2001 Addams Family Gnomes & Trolls Hollywood Psychotic Circus Zombies Murder Mystery Face your Fears Scary Tales Heroes & Villains Time Travel It's the End of the World as we know it - 2012 Ghosts of Halloween Past This year is Black...
  17. Candy I've never seen before

    General Halloween
    Here's a different kind of candy that I've never seen before. I think it's a cool idea because they are participating in Halloween, keeping true to their faith without beating the kids over the head with said faith. The maker is Scripture candy company and their motto is "reaching the world one...
  18. Hello!

    Member Introduction
    Hi! Just joined! Always fun to talk with other haunters and enthusiasts! About me... makeup artist and haunt actress at a haunted house for 4 yrs now. Absolutely awesome! Love doing anything I can in the haunt world. Have done some fun things related... zombies at bumbershoot. Zombie in a music...
  19. World Market - Halloween

    General Halloween
    World Market now has items up on their website for the Halloween season - Here's the link. They usually have a good selection of décor, props and food items (candy and baking). They also have Dia de los Muertos décor. http://www.worldmarket.com/category/seasonal/halloween/home+%26+décor.do...
  20. Whole World Hidden: A Halloween Poem

    Literature and Role-Playing
    Following is a link to my Halloween poem entitled: Whole World Hidden - Comments appreciated. -- Thanks! Whole World Hidden: A Halloween Poem - Associated Content