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  1. Halloween Props
    As ancient words are whispered the ground begins to moan. Through ripped and torn soil emerges flesh and bone.
  2. Halloween Props
    To get you up to speed, we are doing for the third time, a large haunted house for our town. We have an old cool looking "Depot". Used to be a place where trains dropped off products back in the day. We will have 7 evenly spaced "haunt rooms" Each room is 20 X 17 feet and will flow into each...
  3. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I've haven't been online in a long long time. I forgot how much I love this forum. (Had health issues) Okay, so I am working on a Theme for next year. Voodoo/swamp theme. (It's too late to do one this year). Please help by giving me ideas. I want ideas on decorations, and I need a list of...
  4. General Halloween
    Sorry for the picture overload, but this is what all the hard work is about. Seeing a vision come to fruition. I've got 6 of the 7 scenes I planned set up. I need to make some new lava pits before setting up my last scene. Scene one is using swirling red and orange lights is the 3 witches...
  5. General Halloween
    How do you guys store your Gemmy LED spots? I've been rounding up all the colors and varieties that I've picked up over the past several years and want to put them in one place, but I'd like to keep them organized and easily accessible for when I need to pull them out to set up. I have quite a...
  6. Wanted to Buy
    Missed out on these and just heartbroken. I would love to buy anyone's extras or if you get tired of the ones you bought for yourself (like that's going to happen, but a girl can dream right?) :D Willing to negotiate on price within reason and pay shipping. Or let me know if there is something...
  7. General Halloween
    Hi all, I have been asked to make a couple of tombstones to go in the window of a local bakers shop for Halloween. They have left the epitaph up to me with just a few conditions. No swear words or references to sex? in other words they have to be child friendly. I wanted to do something funny...
  8. Wanted to Buy
    I'm looking for that lazer tunnel effect but can't seem to search the correct key words on ebay. Any suggestions?
  9. Halloween Props
    Finished him last night and left him on the coffee table to get my wife this morning. Sorry I can't post what her text was to me, I don't think the system will show it? But most of the words started with F
  10. General Halloween
    I got no words for this.... maybe one... Boob monster...
  11. General Halloween
    I was doing some "open air freelance recycling" (dumpster diving) And I came across some 9" wooden letters like the ones pictured below. Not sure what they spelled out before I came across them but I would like to use them in my "Carn-Evil" theme this year. With the props and other things I am...
1-11 of 19 Results