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  1. Woot! 2017

    General Halloween
    It's starting over at Woot! Here's some fall & pumpkin shirts, I'm sure Halloween isn't far behind...
  2. 2016 Hallowoot!

    General Halloween
    I couldn't find my other Woot thread so if a mod wants to move or combine the 2 that's fine. Woot! is another discount site that you have to sign up for & you'll get a daily email with the stuff that's on sale daily. It's part of Amazon so you can login & pay through Amazon too if you'd like...
  3. Headed to Universal HHH Orlando this year!

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    never mind. Can't believe the thread got moved to this dead forum. Peace out.
  4. You Say Sadistic Like Its a Bad Thing

    Member Introduction
    Im a 2nd year scare actress. My 1st year was at Cedar Fair (Club Blood woot woot!!) and I hated it! Mostly because I worked at a daycare and it was VERY awkward to have my students see me dressed rather sexy. My 2nd Year is with my "big brother"! Im very excited to finally have some freedom...
  5. Pyle Projectors on Woot - 18 March 2015

    For Sale By Merchants
    http://electronics.woot.com/plus/pyle-projectors-accessories-2?ref=cnt_wp_6 Get 'em while they're hot! :D
  6. Hello from the Graveyard!

    Member Introduction
    Hi guys! I absolutely LOVE Halloween so I decided to join you ghouls and goblins. I live in Arizona so Fall has to be my favorite season when it's nice and cool. I am a zombie dancer (Thrill the World, woot!) and find trick-or-treating to be a real "Thriller." I hope to get a "haunted yard"...