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  1. Jack the Ripper theme

    General Halloween
    Hey everyone, we're in the planning stages of our haunt this year. We're thinking about doing a Jack the Ripper theme. There isn't a whole lot out there that I can find of other haunts doing this theme. I have spoken to a few folks though, and if anyone HAS done a Jack the Ripper theme, I'd love...
  2. Zombie Rave or Area 51 Theme?

    General Halloween
    Hey everyone I'm just settling on which theme to pick this year, last year's was supposed to be a Haunted pirate ship but a few things came up so I wasn't able to do a haunt. I'm debating whether to go for an Area 51/Aliens kinda theme, green lights and fog OR a 90's themed zombie rave in the...
  3. 5th annual creepy backyards woods

    Member Introduction
    So the kids roped me into doing another Halloween party so we can scare them with a haunted trail. We love the month of September and October as our garage gets turned into the prop build space. We have to amp it up this year because they are now teenagers and not so easy to spook. Challenge...
  4. Who has the best price on lighted blowmold pumpkins?

    General Halloween
    I know some people hate em, but they're turning out to be a key part of my display, and I need a few more. I bet that Wally World will end up being the cheapest option in my neck of the woods. Typically you'll pay $10 for a 9 or 10 inch lighted pumpkin. I found these last night at Lowe's for...
  5. Hey all

    Member Introduction
    Rick here. I am new to the forum, but not to the haunt industry. I own the Woods of Darkness haunt in Michigan. We have been around for ten years now, and started as a haunted hayride, morphed into a haunted barn, and now use army trucks to ferry our customers to the woods where the haunt is...
  6. Unsolved Mysteries devil worship episode?

    Horror Discussion
    Anyone remember an episode where two guys are watching tv and hear a noise, so they go outside and in the woods. It goes to a cabin and shows people in hoods and dogs. I can't find it anywhere.
  7. Prop Showcase: Starting to get ready

    Halloween Props
    Hello all.. I'm fairly new here, mostly lurking and learning.. there are so many incredible props and ideas available here... it's awesome!! I just wanted to share my halloween fun, and have a place to help keep me on track and organized, as I have too many ideas and projects I want to build...
  8. Wicked Woods Cemetery Haunt of 2017

    General Halloween
    The rest of the photos are here : https://wickedwaysproductions.blogspot.com/p/wicked-woods-cemetery-halloween-2017.html Comments and critiques welcome!
  9. Woodcraft Got dead woods? Fast and Easy - Hanging Upside Down Bats

    Halloween Crafts
    A lot of woods lying around so I came up with some ideas. Here is one of them: - 6 Rubber bats (11" W x 4.5" L) - Tacks - Dead woods - Paracord (Parachute cord) Rope Black and Orange Halloween Style - Drill to make holes - Hammer (No problem pushing tacks in with my thumb) - Holiday Living...
  10. Need Help on Filling Haunted woods with scares

    General Halloween
    Hello All i'm quite new to the Halloween world and have a lot of questions and in need of generally all and ANY help! I have decided to have a Halloween Party and have a large 1 acre plot of woods with cut trails. I have already lined the trails with caution tape and found as much scrap wood and...
  11. Other: Halloween Party 2017 - theme is "The Woods"

    Halloween Props
    Hi - this is my first post but definitely not my first big Halloween party. We typically transform our house every year for a big party with a theme. This year, our theme is "The Woods" and I'm wondering if any of you have ideas about how to transform the space to feel like the woods. Our...
  12. The Hunt

    Literature and Role-Playing
    -The Rhine, 1214- Spear, check. Sword, check. Crossbow and bolts, check. Wilhelm was ready for the hunt. He left his home at sunset, with knowledge that it would be easier to find the beast at night, creeping into the woods. He held his helmet in the crook of his arm so he could stay alert for...
  13. Anyone Else Recall This?

    General Halloween
    Don't ask me why, but as I was working on a Scarecrow/Jack O'Lantern prop this morning, my mind pulled up something from about 20 years ago, at least... It seems that a small Mid-west town was considering cancelling Halloween because some guy was running around in the woods impersonating Jason...
  14. Clowns in the news

    General Halloween
    I'm going to cut my grass and set up my cemetery today wearing a clown mask. The media that this clown mask is getting is funny (outside of the one that was allegedly trying to get kids into the woods).
  15. Woman in the Woods video short

    Off-Topic Stuff
    A friend and I have joined under the title of Midnight Monster to do some shorts and other projects. Our first venture is Woman in the Woods. Check it out and let me know what you think and please share and subscribe.
  16. My Saturday morning visitor .,

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Saturday morning was open for Archery season here. As I sat and watched the sun rise from my blind, this little guy came lumbering in to eat his fill of corn. :D Maybe 80 - 90 lbs, really goofy little bear. He hung with me all morning, so no deer came in, but it was fun to watch him. Love being...
  17. Wicked Woods Cemetery Yard Haunt Video of 2015

    General Halloween
    https://youtu.be/Yg78kTgLL_I for more pictures etc, head over to http://wickedwaysproduction.blogspot.com
  18. Bad Seed Farm

    General Halloween
    Where dead things grow again. Here's a couple pics of where our barn haunt is going to be. It will hopefully be a combo of outdoor and indoor. My neighbor that owns the barn has had numerous Halloween parties for over 100 people and he and his brother have set up some displays for the parties...
  19. Lighting for pathway thru woods

    Halloween Props
    I made a pathway thru some woods in my backyard and I lined it with mason jars and a led flicker bulb inside them about every 10 feet. While it looks really good, it's just not enough ambient light to light the pathway and keep people safe and let them see where they're going. Has anybody done...
  20. Mechanical: Cauldron creep

    Halloween Props
    Cauldron creep...actually it's the bones of a witch from the Texas piney woods cursed to stir her cauldron forever. http://youtu.be/cbCy0XexAjo