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  1. Hi from Pittsburgh

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    My name is Bill Elwell. I am 73 years old, an Electronic Engineer, and have been prop building since the 1970's. I have a wonderful workshop and many hobbies. Some of my props have been featured in Nuts and Volts and Servo magazines. I just recently 'yanked' myself into the 21st century by...
  2. Happy Solstice!

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    I hope you're all having a wonderful Hallow-day! I know, so candy corny, lol. :cool:
  3. Hey everyone!

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    My name is kelly, I’m from New York, and I’m a fellow Halloween enthusiast and diy’er. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. I look forward to learning new projects and gathering ideas from all of you!
  4. "Twisted" Alice in Wonderland for a group

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hi all - been a while since I have posted - mostly I just lurk and see what wonderful stuff everyone else is doing. I thought I would pop in to get some ideas about the family theme for this year Twisted/Horror Alice in Wonderful. My daughter got to pick and this is what she wanted. She wants to...
  5. Facebook Hauntproject group

    I think one of the worst losses for our haunt community was when Perfessor Evil passed away unexpectedly and his comprehensive AMAZING build tutorial site hauntproject.com went down. We lost so much stuff when that site went dark. :( Dudeamis (over on our sister site Haunt Forum) collected much...
  6. atmosfear FX download

    Halloween Props
    Okay so I bought the atmosphere FX download off their site and now I need to know how to download it on to either my phone or computer so I could get it on my projector. Anyone know how to do this LOL I have a micca spec and that is what I would like to use for it. Yes I know I am completely...
  7. Please help me find my Fortune Teller!

    Wanted to Buy
    Hello all, I am putting a plea out in the universe. I am looking for the beautiful Fortune Teller from HomeGoods. My local store did not have any :( I will gladly pay for her and for shipping to Washington State! I need that lady in my life! Below is a picture I borrowed from one of the...
  8. Ghosts Pirate for Halloween 2015

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hello, I'm new on this forum, my name is Laurent a french guy from France close to Paris ( a small village named "Aulnay sur Mauldre") !!!! Sorry for my english, I hope it will be comprehensive !! I'm president of a local association named "La bodeg'A", since 2007 we organized Halloween...
  9. Static: Yet another Pumpkinrot Question

    Halloween Props
    I know most if not all of you have seen the wonderful work that Pumpkinrot has done. From Scarecrows to the Tinies to those wonderful, wonderful Sentinels we all drool over. The question I'm posing is, Has anybody ever thought of asking Pumpkinrot just how he does it? Maybe he could post a...
  10. WNUF Presents: Frank Stewart Investigates HALLOWEEN

    Halloween Music
    Has anyone listen to this vinyl yet? It is wonderful!
  11. Hello from NE Ohio

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    I found this forum doing a google search for yankee candle halloween collection. Boy am I glad I did. I had no idea anything like this existed. I am kind of shy - I lurk more than I may post - I don't even have a Facebook. My Likes: Scary/Sci Fi movies (All things John Carpenter) , Scary...
  12. Just Sayin

    General Halloween
    I love Halloween the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Greetings from Molalla Oregon!

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    Thanks for offering such a great place for inspiration.... I joined to improve on my yard cemetery and Halloween village.... It is the most wonderful time of the year after all :D
  14. Is anybody else as crazy as I am???

    General Halloween
    we are going to build a new house and one of my first concerns is to make sure I have a wonderful space to display my boney bunch and halloween things. Is anybody else that crazy??
  15. The Munster's Theme song is hot again!

    General Halloween
    I am sure many of us here are Munster fans, and I sure am. A new song that is very popular right now samples their iconic theme song. I do not listen to current music, but my wonderful son brought this to my attention. Take a listen and enjoy the wonderful Munster song. This song has "swear"...
  16. Thank you ghouliet!!!!

    General Halloween
    They have ARRIVED!!! I came home to find the most wonderful package waiting for me!! The pillow cases that the fabulous Ghouliet made for her giveaway!! I cannot say how wonderful they are! I just love the design...I cannot wait to use them next year. Im so fortunate...thank you so much...
  17. BOO! Did I scare you?

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    Hello fellow Halloween fans, Occularis here! It's been some time (several years) since I have been here, and it is great to be back! I'm a stage magician based in the Midwest and Halloween/Horror themed shows are my specialty. This year my wife and I took some time off and are planning our...
  18. halloween costume swap

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    trick or threat. anyone up for halloween costume exchange.
  19. Countess No says hello!

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    Can't wait for the season. Wonderful props and advice here, love it! In fact, I believe it may be the only place I want to hang out on the web. Nobody will obsess with me about halloween in my real life.