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  1. That As Seen on TV Windo Wonderland Projector...

    General Halloween
    ... has dropped to $19.88 at Walmart if anybody is interested. It has 6 Halloween projections. Store pick-up is available to avoid any shipping charges. https://www.walmart.com/ip/As-Seen-on-TV-Window-Wonderland-Christmas-Decoration-Light-Projector/618254614? Our local CBS affiliate tested...
  2. I need more time

    General Halloween
    24 days until Halloween and so much left to do. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Okay just some slight panicking. Back to finishing like a mad women.
  3. We Will "B" Busy!

    General Halloween
    Two groups of Carnival workers plus a group of Summer Stock Actors have called for tonight. Last night some women who were here in town taking some courses for Museum credit were here (always fun! I told them when they arrived at my door:"I have a special story I always tell to you particular...
  4. Thursday-No Friday YES!!

    General Halloween
    Thursday night a woman here was loud, stupid, obnoxious-Drunk, but I had nothing else to do but be quiet myself and wait for her outbursts to subside..I eventually managed to get her and the other three through the entire house and out of here. "GRR!" Then tonight might have been my "Reward"...
  5. When Hunting (or defining?) "Women?"

    General Halloween
    Some things never change as in evidence in of some of the political heated stuff beginning to just warm up. Read the following and see if you might be able to guess what this came from (You might!?) A woman is a foe to friendship, an inescapable punishment. A necessary Evil, a natural...
  6. Unimaginable Enthusuasim!

    General Halloween
    Two women, and two boys were in front of my Haunt early tonight (still light out) There seemed to be a "problem"....the two boys (12-13)..were afraid. The two women are the Mother of the two boys and their Aunt. It seemed as if a lot of fear was there just because the boys are very insecure...