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  1. HAUNTED RADIO: lost boys, queen mary, morbius, life of poe, resident evil, and more!!

    Announcements / Press Releases
    This week on Haunted Radio, we are featuring news on Trick Or Treat Studios, Stan Against Evil, The Lost Boys, Resident Evil, Alone: The Life Of Poe, Queen Mary, Ghostbusters, Morbius, and more!! Then, we review the John Carpenter film 'In The Mouth Of Madness' and then the Freak bring you the...
  2. Wonder Woman Costume

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Last year, my son, our dog, and I, were the PJ Masks for Halloween. All of our adult neighbors thought I was the devil, not Owlette from the PJ Masks. This year, my son wants to be Spiderman, and wants me to be Wonder Woman. I don't need my neighbors seeing me in a miniskirt costume. Do you...
  3. WANTED: Spirit Static Female Zombie

    Wanted to Buy
    UPDATE: Thanks everyone for your replies! I actually found this prop and bought it recently through eBay and I'm very happy with her! :D Original post: Hello, I am looking for Spirit's Static Female Zombie prop sold back in 2012 and 2013. She was originally $129.99. She does not need to be...
  4. Woman in the Woods video short

    Off-Topic Stuff
    A friend and I have joined under the title of Midnight Monster to do some shorts and other projects. Our first venture is Woman in the Woods. Check it out and let me know what you think and please share and subscribe.
  5. Raven's Grin Inn � Mt Carroll, IL

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    New Article="GOOD!" She is a young woman , writing for a local tourist magazine, but guess what? She got everything RIGHT! I am Very Happy with the work that she did. (Now if the photographer could have only taken a picture of the back of my head, instead of my old, scary face! ) Plain to...
  6. Almost... "Fiction"

    Literature and Role-Playing
    ("I don't care what anybody says, I'm going to take a bath." ) He hadn't owned the house very long, and the plumbing was now finally turned "On", and he really needed a bath! (Always THE best reason for one.) It had once been a "Pink" bathroom, featuring all "Pink" fixtures. The toilet had...
  7. "Truth?" "Lies?" "Confusion?

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    Or just a "Juxtaposition? A few years ago i was told a ghost story by a local woman. Today another woman told me a similar story", except the sex of the ghost was changed from Male to Female and instead of greeting potential home buyers into the house by loudly telling them to "Come on in!", as...
  8. Ghost children

    Halloween Props
    Looking to expand my cemetery scene next year and thinking of adding some kiddies to the mix. I'm looking for life size dolls I can distress or props. I have an adult Victorian woman so I would love to find something to go along with her. This is mommy...any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Lucky 13 Carnival - 2015

    General Halloween
    Been working on this since August, and it's finally at the point to share. :) We did a test run on setup tonight, and have some nifty pics. For the build of my (really easy for non-mechanical folks) ghost pony scarousel (and video) go here Our signage ( our anniversary is Halloween...
  10. Privateer1959

    Member Introduction
    Howdy! Like most normal people, I have loved Halloween, trying amass a collection of props, which I loan or rent to friends. Anyway I really enjoy the early Gemmy animatronics, I remember several years ago, they put out a life-size woman prop, and I believe it had a motion activated sound...
  11. Pneumatic: autopsy table woman

    Halloween Props
    I was looking on youtube for animated Halloween props and animatronics and stumbled upon this prop what do you guys think? This one would probably get a few scares?
  12. Static: The Bride of PumpkinStein

    Halloween Props
    I'm surprised I had time to carve a pumpkin with all my prop building and projections and what but alas here is a tribute to the woman that started it all
  13. Busch Gardens: Pregnant Woman Sues over Chainsaw Horror

    General Halloween
    (I know, TMZ, right?) http://www.tmz.com/2014/10/21/busch-gardens-lawsuit-pregnant-woman-halloween-chain-saw/ "Halloween at Busch Gardens became a real-life nightmare for a pregnant woman who claims she was mowed down by other terrified patrons ... after chainsaw-wielding actors created a...
  14. Static: Meet Coissette

    Halloween Props
    Inspired by a couple of the Grandin Road figures, but unable to afford them, I was inspired to create my own version. Basically, I took one of those blank "paint your own" masks from Hobby Lobby, glued the wrappers from two cinnamon hard candies in the eye holes. I stuck two color changing LED...