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  1. General Halloween
    Here is a video of our first attempt at a walk through. Most of the props were handmade. We created our own video for the wizard and got the design of the wizard backdrop from another haunter online - Albertson Halloween House. The theme went over really well with a lot of the adults enjoying...
  2. Halloween Props
    I finished up my Zombie Toto for my Wizard of Z display. Uses an Arduino, PIR sensor, relay board, wiper motor, Wee Little Talker, servo, and LEDs.
  3. Member Introduction
    Hi, Everyone! I'm really happy to find this community. I love Halloween (so much so that I got married on it) and needless to say, it's a big deal in our house. Our neighbors look forward year to see what displays we put up. Last year it was a ghost & cemetery theme. The year before that was a...
  4. General Halloween
    Unles I am delusional I remember seeing a post about a wizard type projection like the witch ones. I thought I saved the post, but can't find it. If you know anything about this, please add info or PM me.
  5. Halloween Costume Ideas
    We are doing a Wizard of Oz group theme this year. I already have Dorothy and the Scarecrow done. (I got the easy stuff out of the way first) now I am moving on to the harder pieces. I am trying to make a Tin-Man that's not totally cheesy and cheap looking but I don't have a lot of knowledge...
  6. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Yellow Brick road made from sidewalk chalk
  7. Wanted to Buy
    I am looking for some life size witch and wizard hands. If you have some or can make and sell, please let me know.
  8. General Halloween
    Anyone else taking advantage of the opportunity to see the great green witch on the big screen today? The Wizard of Oz is showing today (and did on Sunday) in select theatres. I am definitely going.
  9. For Sale By Merchants
    Hi everyone, I have been busy working on some early Halloween props for sale on ebay. I have 2 witches spell books, they are handmade and handpainted. They are a nice large heavy size, a quality halloween prop for your witches kitchen years to come. Starting auction bid is $20.00 I also...
  10. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I deleted this post and moved it over to the merchant posting Larry, I couldn't figure out how to delete this one. Sorry for the trouble.
  11. Halloween Crafts
    I've added some pics of a pair of White Wizards I've made. They are about 18 inches tall, prosculpt heads, hands & boots. The bodies are soft sculpture (fiberfil stuffed cloth), mohair beards and hair, silk robes with silver brocade and handcarved/sculpted Celtic-cage-topped staffs (THAT took...
1-12 of 12 Results