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wizard of oz

  1. Electronic/Software: bad side of wizard of oz/flying witch help

    Halloween Props
    Our family is planning on doing a creepy, twisted version of wizard of oz. So far the plan is to have a couple munchkins sewing wings on a monkey in a very inhumane way while another monkey watches in fear from a hanging cage. I also want to have the witch flying above them. We have two large...
  2. Tin Man 2015 WIP

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    So our trail theme this year is going to be Dark/Horror Wizard of Oz, and I have started building cardboard Tin Man armor. I am sort of stuck on how to continue at this point. As you can see in the picture I have built the majority of the base, but it's sort of bland. I would like to either...
  3. 2014 Dark Side of OZ

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    We are up to our eyeballs in flying monkey's right now getting ready for our Oct 25 Bash. This year, like last I found myself off to a very late start again. Every year more things seem to get added into the cauldron and before you know it, the thing is boiling over! It's starting to come...
  4. Ruby Slippers and Sequin Shoes for Halloween!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Looking for a pair of Ruby Slippers to complete your Dorothy costume? We've been making high quality, handmade, replica Ruby Slippers for nearly four years! Halloween is our favorite time of year! We offer lots of styles from flats to stilettos, sneakers to flip-flops. If you need a special pair...