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  1. General Halloween
    My indoor Halloween 2022 is done. Organic witch house. Lots of branches from my backyard, dollar tree diys, and wall coverings. Very happy with the result!
  2. Halloween Props
    I was wondering if anyone here could possibly identify this witch prop? It’s been spotted in at least two displays in Canada. It’s around 5 feet tall and has a detailed face which lights up, however I don’t believe it’s a professional prop or a custom piece as it has been spotted twice now in...
  3. General Halloween
    After building up my front yard homemade Halloween display over the past 6-7 years with a variety of props, I've decided to wipe the slate clean and try something new this year. My daughters (7 and 5) have requested we go with a new theme entirely - WITCH WORLD. I'm looking to this group for...
  4. Halloween Music
    Check out Dr. Snik's Singles collection with 2 brand new singles now available. LISTEN FOR FREE! Which Witch is Witch? Vampires 'round the Campfire. It's My Halloween Party (You Can Die If You Want) The SuperHippy mix AND The Boris Bela mix Available now on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon...
  5. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    For my birthday I'm having some friends come with me on a roadtrip to another state . With this it makes limited to what I'm able to bring with me to decorate for the celebration . Some things I'm thinking of getting is some hanging cloths , jars ( some empty , some filled with things ) , fake...
  6. Halloween Music
    Hello ! So i’m having a dinner party type birthday thing with some friends and we’re all dressing up as either witches or vampires ! I have a big playlist already but I wanted to see if anyone has suggestions of songs that might fit the mood ? Doesn’t have to specifically be Halloween at least...
  7. Halloween Music
    It's October! 2 brand new Albums and 2 new singles now available. Listen for FREE! Atomic Clock Time Halloween Mashups Vol 1. - (Bandcamp only) Which Witch is Witch? Vampires 'round the Campfire. Available now on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and most other streaming platforms...
  8. For Sale By Merchants
    2 new singles now available. Which Witch is Witch? Vampires 'round the Campfire. Available now on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and most other streaming platforms... https://drsnik.bandcamp.com/
  9. For Sale By Merchants
    LISTEN FOR FREE! Dr. Snik's Halloween Mashups Vol 1. is available on Bandcamp! Get the new single Witches Coven Party Mashup Blues and 9 other spooky sound effect collages arranged by Dr. Snik! Halloween Mashups Vol 1. is only available on Bandcamp for $3...
  10. General Halloween
    I've ranked on props over the years because I have a nagging desire to have my props and display make sense. So when I come across something that just doesn't make sense, it drives me crazy. Now, I'm not ranking on something like "zombies don't exist". That's a scientific argument which has no...
  11. Halloween Music
    Calling all Witches! Check out Dr. Snik's new single Which Witch is Witch? Coming Oct 1st on Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube... Which Witch is Witch? sample
  12. General Halloween
    I’m looking for opinions on these newest offerings from Distortions. All cards on the table, I’m a very big DU fan and have collected too many of their props to count, but to name a few: the Legend Witch, Legend Werewolf, Nosferatu, Scary Scarecrow, Animated Exorcism, Grave Buster Barb, Grave...
  13. General Halloween
    I’m sure all haunters have some part of their display or haunt that they’re disappointed in, wish they’d done something different/more, etc. I have several of these actually, but one I’ve always been disappointed with is a void I’ve allowed to remain for several years on the other side of the...
  14. Halloween Props
    My DIY crafted cauldron for this years Halloween
  15. Halloween Props
    It was finally time to make a new Cauldron Creep. So here she is. The hardest part is getting the head to turn towards the onlookers as it looks up.
  16. Halloween Props
    This is the new addition to my Halloween display. After watching the movie with my young daughter I wanted to make one of the witches. Here are the results. You can see the complete build at Goosebumps Witch Goosebumps Witch .
1-18 of 335 Results