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  1. sea hag's Potions & Lotions, Spells & Charms

    General Halloween
    Plan to do a haunted sea harbor with a store call Sea Hag's. Want to have all nautical / sea related items in potions, lotions, spells and charms. Can anyone please make any suggestions on what all to have in the store or what to label the bottles? The harbor will have another store that will...
  2. Papercraft More Potion Labels for your use!!! :D

    Halloween Crafts
    hey guys, I figured I'd share my labels for use - seems a waste for only me to use them when they're so easily/readily available!! they're sized for a4 printer paper - so all you need to do is print and cut out and apply them to your bottles.... I ONLY apply them left to right - NEVER top to...