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  1. General Halloween
    Hello, this year I am doing a witch hunt theme and would love to see or hear some things you guys have done in the past or if you're planning on doing this theme I'd love to see what you are using for your inspiration (I live in Australia so kids don't come trick or treating to my house so I...
  2. Halloween Music
    So I found a really cool website to mix ambient sounds for our yard haunt and wanted to share. The website is http://horror.ambient-mixer.com. I made the background ambient sounds with this website and then I mixed in sound effects using a free software called Audacity. I thought I would...
  3. Halloween Props
    So I have decided to transform my small dining room this year into a Witches Kitchen. Here is a pic of my dining room now: Of course a proper witch kitchen needs a big field stone fireplace for hanging cauldrons in. And because I'm insane and overly ambitious I decided to build one under...
1-3 of 3 Results