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  1. Halloween Props
    Hello! Last year we made a witch house and trick-or-treaters could go in and take a peek around. Since I don't particularly like doing the same stuff every year, this coming Halloween the house will be "condemned" and boarded up and, instead, a turret will be (hopefully) the focus of the...
  2. Halloween Props
    Hello everybody! I just wanted to show this little witch house we made in the woods on our property, since the project is pretty much at the end (just interior decor - so to say - at this point). It was a whopping 12$ and mostly for screws, since the wood was for free from the local lumber...
  3. Halloween Music
    I'm not incredibly clear on what it is, in fact, it has been called a useless genre tag. My take on it is that it was supposed to be a pop-y version of witch house, having come out of it (which involved making rap/hip hop tracks sound like ritual vocals by slowing them down). As is the way...
1-3 of 3 Results