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  1. Winged Grim Reaper Animated Prop plus lots more

    For Sale By Merchants
    Adding a new line of animated props and figures to the store - first one available now is the Ultimate Winged Grim Reaper! Available at https://www.cosplaycostumecloset.com/winged-grim-reaper-animated-halloween-prop-124148 - only $255.00 with free shipping in the US (via truck only!) More...
  2. Is this a good deal?

    General Halloween
    Found a winged demon from Spirit for sale on craigslist for $140? http://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/clt/4998865821.html
  3. Pneumatic: Winged Demond

    Halloween Props
    Just wanted to let anyone thinking of using spider hill prop works joints in a pneumatic prop my winged Demond held up to two nights of 8 hours straight each night with no issues. These joints made this project possible and I will be using them in future project involving pneumatics. You can...