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  1. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hey Haunters! Today I’m building an electric powered fence banging zombie. I used a windshield wiper motor for the movement and built the fence myself. He rocks the fence back and forth and with the added audio I think he’s gunna spook a lot of people. Have a look and let me know what your guys...
  2. Halloween Props
    Has anyone used a can opener motor to run their props ? I'm looking to make a coffin puller and a grave digger plus some smaller props. Hubby believes a can opener motor would be better than a windshield motor, especially since it already has a plug. What do you guys think ?
  3. Halloween Props
    hey everyone! been a long long time since i been on here but I need help figuring out how to recreate this prop. If anyone is unfamiliar with the prop...
  4. Halloween Props
    EDIT: "Hmm maybe I should mention that I'm 18 and have no experience with motors, thus the reason I was asking for help. Any other suggestions? Maybe something that can utilize the the full rotation of the wiper motor?" I am about to acquire a windshield wiper motor and I had an idea in mind...
1-4 of 4 Results