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  1. A Use for Campaign Signs

    General Halloween
    This is not a political post, I promise! Now that it's election day in the US, there's going to be a lot of leftover campaign signs cluttering the landscape and landfills. But the wire sign frames make *great* tombstone stakes, either for home built stones or as replacements. And the plastic...
  2. Life Size Horse Drawn Hearse - Huntington, WV

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    This is a ~10.5 feet by ~4 feet hearse prop. While the wheels are a bit warped, it does roll some for positioning and does turn. It comes with two electric lanterns built in and wired. The whole thing is made from 2x4s, plywood, and wooden sheathing and is painted black. The back door is also...
  3. Static: Lighting stained glass windows?

    Halloween Props
    I made these 4 windows a couple of years ago and plan to use them again this year in our community haunted house. They will be hanging against a dark wall and I am trying to figure out a way to make them appear like there is light coming from inside the window. Everything I've tried isn't...
  4. Electronic/Software: Need Help with Atmos Digital Download...Again

    Halloween Props
    I am needing help...again LOL We downloaded the Atmos videos on a USB. We did 2 different USB and they each have their own Atmos downloads. They were downloaded with Windows Movie Maker and encoded with k.264 USB 1 - Plays just fine. No issues USB 2 - Will play in my newer projector that has...
  5. how to run digital effects in the car/truck?

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I have the projectors and a laotop all set up. Sequences alreadfy set. Only thing I haven't nailed down yet is the screen. The idea is to run projections in either the back seat side windows and or the windows on the truck camper shell. (eyes and such) But I'm not sure exactly what might be best...
  6. MY Halloween Windows RUiNED

    General Halloween
    Some Vandal broke out all my huge windows with a hammer this morning. The windows will have to be boarded up now. Soooo heart broken.
  7. Can't watch videos

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Windows 7 , using Explorer 11 I think. I can't view the videos anymore . I was able to until this week........
  8. Neighbors Garage Light....UGH

    General Halloween
    So our neighbor across from us just installed insanely bright LED lights over her garage and they are lighting up the front of our house like crazy. Dang it! They appear to be on motion detectors, but everything sets them off, even a car passing by. Anyone have a situation like this before? How...
  9. Why not a boarded Door instead of a boarded window???

    Halloween Props
    First off, hats off to the forum and the members for all their contributions. Great ideas and inspirations..If we were to productionalize all of the ideas from the forum, it can easily outrun alibaba!!! Now, onto the topic..I've been looking around to some ideas for a boarded door instead of...
  10. Static: Boarded up Windows Using Insulation Sheets

    Halloween Props
    Hi All! I know that I have seen this on here in the past, I just can't remember where I saw it. Someone had great wood looking boards, to put on windows. If I remember, it looked rather easy as well. I wish I would have commented on it back then, would have made it a lot easier to find now...
  11. What do you use to make videos?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Ok, Got the wife a new computer for her office and I got her other one. It has WINDOWS 10 on it and i am wondering since it no longer has Windows movie maker, what video programs do people use and what is a good one that I can download to make my yard haunt video this year?
  12. Electronic/Software: It is all your fault!

    Halloween Props
    Dang it! I just HAD to come find Halloween Forum. I just HAD to look in the props sub-forum. I just HAD to read about the AtmosFEAR digital video products. Now, thanks entirely to YOU, I have four, FOUR new Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2045 digital projectors and two, TWO QUMI ViviTek HD...
  13. Best Way to Record Internet Radio?

    Halloween Music
    Been loving all the Halloween music internet radio stations out there. I'd love to record some of the stuff for use during TOT- not any commercial use. What is the best (pronounced "free") way of doing this? Running Windows 10.
  14. Electronic/Software: Schematics app - Fritzing, cross platform

    Halloween Props
    My husband sent me this article today on schematic basics and at the bottom it mentions a cross platform app called Fritzing. I saw JeffHaas mention this back in 2014 in a fogger thread and was wondering if anyone has used it and can comment on it. I'm on a Mac and have heard other people...
  15. Prop Showcase: Gothic Windows with Monitor

    Halloween Props
    Here are some windows I made to hold 32" monitors for a customer. Sadly I didn't get to do any of the distressing/painting (the fun stuff). Let me know what you think! And to clarify, the video clip I created was just something I was playing with. The customer is making their own effect...
  16. Electronic/Software: I couldn't resist a little Christmas Cheer

    Halloween Props
    This is taken from outside the house. I edited the original video to fit the two windows and added the snow falling. Rear projected on white bed sheets.:D Pete
  17. Static: Mausoleum

    Halloween Props
    I upgraded my Raven Manor Mausoleum this year. I added an 8" spacer to the upper story, crown molding, roof cap and bull nose to the stairs. I also added a ornamental security gate and door along with an animatronic zombie reaching thru the broken windows of the door. I'm building a second...
  18. Narrowly Averting Disaster

    General Halloween
    After having a bad case of the funk (and not the pleasant kind) last year and not doing ANYthing, I knew this year I needed to bring back the Halloween spirit. So out came the stained glass windows, out came the new gravestones (to replace the ones that blew away in 2013), out came the new...
  19. First Theft Already!

    General Halloween
    It wasn't much, but that's so not the point! Someone just came right up on my front porch, and stole my Dollar Tree tombstone chalk board! It was out there when I got the mail an hour ago. I opened all the windows, to clean house, and the dog totally flipped out. Now I know why! I'd have...
  20. Mounting things to brick

    General Halloween
    Was wondering has anyone had luck with maybe using hot glue to mount things to brick? I need to board up the windows and either hang them from brick or use that 3m stick stuff that comes off. -HalloweenDan73