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  1. Flamethrower For Sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    George Maser Flamethrower Unit 900.00 or trade will listen to offers. email [email protected] Located in Northeast TN. Unit is in great condition only used one season. Created by George Maser it's an EPIC effect and a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Selling due to not having staff to operate...
  2. Other My Nightmare before Christmas Zero Dog house

    Halloween Crafts
    Ok since i did nightmare before Christmas as my Christmas theme i needed a Zero dog house . This was my first big project with foam there is some things i will change if i do another one lol one thing is take better step by step pics but i think you will get the idea first i used a hot...
  3. Static: Davis Graveyard Cathedral

    Halloween Props
    I have a few ideas concerning how the Davis Graveyard built their amazing cathedral but I was trying to work out some technical details. I was thinking we could share ideas here and learn from each other. First I know they fit all the foam piece together with classic wood working joints like...
  4. Video- My display

    General Halloween
    This was a fun year! I brought out some older props that I haven't used in some years. It was good to see them, lol. Next year I'll rotate in some other props I haven't used in a while. That's the good thing about having a large number of animatronics- you can rotate them each year and old ones...
  5. Happy Halloween!

    General Halloween
    I hope you're all ready for the big day! I wish you all clear skies and no wind.... Have fun today!
  6. Nor'easter coming up the coast this week-end...of course our party is Saturday.

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Whatever - we got through the snow in 2011. Just hope there isn't a lot of wind. It's still early, hopefully it'll go farther off the coast or slow down so it doesn't reach us until Sunday.
  7. Static: Gravedigger Stabalize

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys, I have a pose and stay skeleton still in the box from a few years ago. I may incorporate him into one of my graves I think. i want him holding a shovel with his foot on it as if he was digging it. What is the best way to stabilize him into the ground for this? What have some of you...
  8. Wind Damage Last week

    General Halloween
    As many of you know, we got hit bad by the remains of Hurricane Michael last week. The witch hut was completely demolished and many of the props inside were damaged, the witch got toppled, but due to her mostly wire construction she was undamaged. Had three tombstones broken and most others...
  9. Static: Epitaph Wall

    Halloween Props
    So I made this a number of years ago. It will (eventually) span all the way across the porch (hopefully next year) BUT i have a small problem. It's more or less secure across the top, but the bottom flops around in the wind despite a wood frame behind. The screws are also puling away from the...
  10. Other: Anyone have animated props they leave out in bad weather?

    Halloween Props
    I am wondering if it's possible to have moving stuff that can survive rain, wind, maybe even freezing temps.
  11. Anyone else wish Mother Nature would take a vacation?

    General Halloween
    Is anyone else having issues with weather interfering with your builds or set ups? I set up most of my yard a week ago and spent the next few days trying to fine tune lights and add those extra little touches. Well Fri. the wind decided to come up and made a huge mess of everything. I ended up...
  12. Help with funkins/craft pumpkins; staking and lighting outdoors?

    General Halloween
    Hope that title made some sense! I am using craft pumpkins from Michaels in my display this year but I need a good way to both light them up and stake them to the ground to keep them from being carried off by the wind. They are spaced about 3 feet apart so they'll need to be lit individually...
  13. Atmosfx 3D Form

    General Halloween
    Somehow I have just seen the 3d form and videos for it. I have read all the post on here but almost all of them were when it was getting ready to be released in 2015. My concern is for an outside prop will it stay stationary in wind since it is a blow-up. I would like to hear comments from...
  14. Mechanical: "Robotic hand" moved by whirligig wind power?

    Halloween Props
    Here's my idea - I've seen this popular kid's craft project floating around: a "robot", or mechanical hand moved by string "muscles". Now, where I live everyone has whiligigs, because it is usually windy. What about using a whirligig to move a lightweight "robot" skeleton hand? I'm doing clowns...
  15. How many TOTers did you get?

    General Halloween
    Well, the last came around 8:00. We only had about 20 this year. WAY too much candy left over! Haha. The weather was excellent; no wind, no rain, about 7C...Best we've had in a few years. I guess it would be slower on a Monday night? Hope everyone had a good Halloween :)
  16. Dealing with the Wind (Blocking it for Garage Haunts)?

    General Halloween
    We're moving our modest little haunt into the garage this year, in large part to get away from the wind. However, today we opened the garage door briefly and the gentle breeze was enough to make the tarps and props flap around (we're using tarps as walls this year to cut costs and time). Our...
  17. Mechanical: Crypt Fogger blowin in the wind

    Halloween Props
    In years past our fog has been run through black drain hose and a home made fog cooler to fog up our cemetery. The effect worked well enough but only if the air temp is below 38° and there is no wind. This year we wanted more focus on where the fog comes from so we built a crypt with a built...
  18. Sound File Mix I Made That I Call "Forbidden Wind"

    Halloween Music
    I took a whole bunch of haunting sounds files, and I mixed them together with Goldwave. The last two Halloweens that we were in NY I played this file on a loop out our front window. It sounded great echoing in the cool night air. Use it as you please...
  19. GravenWood 2015

    General Halloween
    Another year lucky with comfortable temps, no rain, and minimal wind. More pics here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157660320818682 - GravenWood
  20. What I Learned - 2015

    General Halloween
    Didn't see a thread dedicated to this yet. So I'll start. 1. Rusty old chains make wonderful wind tie-downs! I draped them over my tombstones and crisscrossed them over coffins to keep the wind from destroying my lighter props. Not only did it work, but the look was perfect... especially...