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  1. Mechanical: Looking for a thread for life size music box dancer.

    Halloween Props
    I saw where someone made a life size skeleton couple that danced as if they were on a music box. This was either last year or the year before and for the life of me I cant find the thread anywhere. Any help would be appreciated. The wife has wanted me to make one for the past ten years. We...
  2. Boo y'all

    Member Introduction
    Hey there, just joined the group and thought I'd say "Hi". My wife and I just bought a new house in SC and we're looking forward to our first year of decorating. Of course I've already started by hanging up a few props in my office. They keep me company since I work from home. :D
  3. What do you think of it?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I recently have an idea to buy a projector enclosure for my Projector the Size is 17.8w x 5.2h x 12.6l for Christmas decoration. I have read up on enclosures from some suppliers Kinytech, Vizbox . Actually I had this idea two months ago, but my wife doesn't agree with me. As you know, after...
  4. Electronic/Software: Help!!Sams Club Members Mark Reaper

    Halloween Props
    Trying to find out either the power supply details for the Sams Club Grim reaper or a number to call as I thought I seen something on the box but mine was destroyed at the campground with all the rain even though under the awning, as my wife smashed and destroyed the power supply somehow when...
  5. Boo's from Chicago.

    Member Introduction
    As if Chicago is not scary enough...... I have been into making custom props over the years with varied success. I've built a number of large props where most have sold. The largest I built was a shed sized mausoleum that sadly, did not sell. It was repurposed into several other projects so...
  6. My Halloween Party 2018

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I have my Halloween Party at 27th of October it´s the Birthday of my wife. Happy Halloween !
  7. 2018 Canyon Trail Cemetery Walk Through

    General Halloween
    A walk through video of Canyon Trail Cemetery, our yard display located in the suburbs of Chicago. 30+ Pneumatic props along with a number of motorized and static props along with a full house façade, almost all of which were made by my Wife and me.
  8. Only house in our neighborhood decorated for Halloween!

    General Halloween
    My wife and I went out looking the other night...nothing. It was a bit disappointing - the neighborhood has grown up over the years but there are still some kids around. We, on the other hand, stand out like a light house in a fog bank. We figure the neighbors all talk about us, but I'd rather...
  9. Our Fifth and Final Year

    General Halloween
    This is the fifth season my wife and I have done the extreme decorating for Halloween. We started with ambitious goals and have added to it every year. Now, quite frankly, the amount of time it takes to set all of it up has become too much for us; not to mention the annual expenses associated...
  10. Static: jellyfish pumpkins

    Halloween Props
    So i went to a jack lantern walk last night that was at the zoo my wife works at. and there were so many amazingly carved pumpkins but these were my absolute favorite. pumpkins carved to look like jelly fish with streamer tentacles! I just had to share them in case anybody was looking for an...
  11. Hello All

    Member Introduction
    Just wanted to say hello to everyone. Big fan of the Yard Haunts. Wife and I have been doing static displays for years. Looking to bring some life to our haunt.
  12. tomb /crypt entrance inspired by scare factory version..

    General Halloween
    as I mentioned in another post :) a friend of mine had found a crazy deal on this scare factory tomb entrance, it also had a midnight studio prop on top was a deadite I think... the price was a give away deal.. but I'm in Canada he's in Illinoi !!!!!! 13 h to get there, just too far and the guy...
  13. Hi from Alabama!

    Member Introduction
    I've been stalking the pirate threads for a few months but just getting around to joining. I've always wanted to do a cool haunt but have never been able to justify the time or expense. I have two small boys who are obsessed with pirates so the wheels started spinning and I justified it to the...
  14. halloween 2017: one for the record books

    General Halloween
    tonight was a halloween i'll never forget. last year (our first year in a new house) we didn't get any ToTers. in fact, where i lived the few years before that, i really didn't get any either. i went to my mom and dad's a time or two on halloween night, and they get quite a few (~70-80 usually)...
  15. Me and the Mrs 2017

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Well we had the time of our lives tonight! My Pennywise was a big hit. My wife is always a Witch. Until next year :)
  16. Honoring the dead. Anyone manage this in their Halloween?

    General Halloween
    Over the last couple years, we've had our fair share of death. My wife lost her parents, I lost my grandmother, the kids have lost a couple pets. During this time, Talia has become interested in the Day of the Dead through a couple of books she's reading, and asked if we could build an...
  17. Hello from the Oregon Coast

    Member Introduction
    Stumbled across this site on a dark and stormy night while I was looking for some great halloween DIY projects. Okay, if I'm honest, it was a beautiful night, the stars were out in full force and it was 68 degrees on the back deck. I've always loved Halloween, but for the fist time in my life...
  18. Mechanical: Our first tombstones!! WIP

    Halloween Props
    This is our first try at making tombstones!! Below are the first four we are working on now. These are the animated ones, we will do four more static ones!! The first one is my version of a zombie groundbreaker, the second one is my graveyard greeter, the third one is a pop up zombie and the...
  19. Hi, new member

    Member Introduction
    Hello, I've been a longtime lurker. I love Halloween, and have learned so much from the talented members who post their work on this forum. My wife and I do a home haunt every year, and also build sets for a local charity haunt called Camp Evans Base of Terror in NJ.
  20. Prop Showcase: Cabin in the Woods inspired Merman

    Halloween Props
    So a friend of mine has always wanted one of my pieces, and every time I posted something, he would say "I want that". Problem is that his wife always put the nix on it. Well, I wanted to sculpt something new, and thought - the hell with it, I'll just sent it to him without him (or his wife...