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  1. Clinton Toys Plastic Blow Molded Monster Club/Bats

    General Halloween
    I apologize for my absence as of recent however I wanted to share this find with some of my Halloween Forum friends here who love a good vintage piece. I have been working overtime to hunt the hard to find and I am more than pleased to pick these up! I have purchased nearly a half dozen...
  2. Super led laser lights for outside

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Interesting Bliss lights approximately $200 to fill the whole outside of your display with tiny lights in red blue green or white dots https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UxyT4gpC-8..wonder if there is a cheaper alternative?
  3. Different elements to make up my Chopper the Clown costume.

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    First and foremost, one of the greatest Clown masks of all time! I used an old Disney Nightmare Before Christmas top hat, a blood spattered lab tech. coat, Grey scrubs, white bloodied magicians gloves, plastic hanging chains with hooks, fake bloody cleaver and bloody white dirty sneakers...and...
  4. The Milk Man

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    To whom it concerns - I have told few people this story before. In fact, seldom in my personal life are even aware of it. I never felt a motivation to share it until recently. I hope you find the following text enjoyable to read. I was in Las Vegas, Nevada in November of 2009 for a...
  5. Japan gets Halloween at their McDonalds! What the what!

    General Halloween
    http://japan-australia.blogspot.com/2014/10/mcdonalds-japan-halloween-burger.html MOD EDIT: Please do not post entire story as that could be a copyright issue - short blurbs or links are best! Those magnificent [email protected]! Why on earth don't we get such fare? (I know, some of you hate Mickey...
  6. Found my costumre finally :D What are you all dressing up as this year?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I am so happy, I love it. I ordered my make up as well. Just need to find a long, long flowing white cape! Trying to decide if I need gloves. What are you all going to be this year?
  7. Static: my quickie ghost figure

    Halloween Props
    I have this idea for some long exposure photographs involving a ghost in various areas on the farm. Mainly I want the effect of the windblown clothing. Like standing in the cornfield..in the middle of the woods etc. So I whipped this up today. Very little breeze tonight.Plus I need a better...
  8. Black &/Or White (With a touch of Red) Food

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Our theme is obviously Black &/Or White touch of Red will be alright, what food ideas do you have? I know I am doing Meatballs & Alfredo , Trail mix with Black and White and Black & White Russians for a featured drink
  9. Me v/s zombie makeup - Round 1

    I had previously posted asking about creating a zombie makeup for my son. I took all of your suggestions into account, watched a ton more tutorial videos (some people should not be allowed on YouTube by the way) and last night I finally felt ready to do battle with the zombie makeup! Here are...
  10. Free Foam

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Free Foam TAKEN I'd been saving some pink and white Styrofoam to make some more tombstones but an unplanned pending move means I won't have time to use it or space to keep it. I've got 1/2 a sheet (cut long wise) of 2" thick pink plus to huge slabs (3.5' x 7") of 4" thick white from a spa...
  11. Other Halloween tree!

    Halloween Crafts
    Anyone have one of these? would love to see it. going to look for one of those fake white trees as I must have this!
  12. adhesives

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    What is the best adhesive for either white or pink Styrofoam? Thx.
  13. Twist on a scary clown costume and i need input

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    So I'm thinking of putting a twist on a scary clown costume. I have on order this clown mask, and I'm still not sure on the exact makeup, all i know is I'm going to do flesh tone and a white face, the rest is up for debate. Also, instead of wearing a clown suit i was debating wearing a suit or...
  14. IKEA 8' Curtains on Sale

    General Halloween
    I do much more lurking than posting as I don't have too much to offer as I'm very new to the haunting scene. Thank you to everyone that has shared great tips & tricks. I've learned a lot. I picked up a couple of packages of curtains from IKEA that are on sale for $3.99. Each package has 2...
  15. Invite wording help

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Our theme this year is Black & White. I hope all will dress in black & white costumes. We ask everyone to bring a food item to share & a flashlight. Any help on wording would be Great!!
  16. Atmosphere Effects: Rear projection- El cheapo style

    Halloween Props
    Tonight I tested what I thought was good material for rear (or front) projection- plastic table cloths. Now you can buy this at any party store or walmart/target/etc. and maybe even in the $0.99 stores. As such, I got these at walmart: $0.97 for the black, and $1.47 for the white 3pack (they ran...
  17. Hello from the Great White North

    Member Introduction
    Hello from the Great white north, not that it's terribly white just now, being August and all. I've been lurking for about a week, but finally decided to join so I can weigh in. I'm in my thirties and will be celebrating my 5th anniversary this coming Halloween, and we have 2 daughters almost...
  18. How to Deorate a White Party Frame Tent??

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hey guys, I've upgraded our Annual Ween Party with a DJ and 15x30 party tent (with sides- it can be chilly here in NY and a dance floor) in our backyard. Just not sure how to decorate it.... It's going to be soooo white, ya know? Any ideas for lighting and décor would really help! Thank...
  19. For Sale - Blood Splatter Items

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    These items have had a touch of "blood splatter" added to them by me & my husband. They would go great for almost any blood costume and even for Silent Hill costumes. Blood Splatter Nurse Hat $5 Additional Photos Blood Splatter Nurse Mask $3 Additional Photos White nurse mask (was green)...
  20. Bed sheets everywhere...

    General Halloween
    Hi Folks, Just wanted to ask if anyone else out there does what I do by covering ALL the furniture with white bed sheets at Halloween season? I just thought they add a little spookier ambiance I have never paid for them -- I just ask local hotels for their "old" sheets (I cut off the fitted...