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  1. Static: Blood gel clings stained my white walls -- need help!

    Halloween Props
    There was no warning on the package that said it could or would stain your walls.....so I didn't even think about the possibility when I put them in my bathroom on the white wainscoting behind the sink. After a day or 2, I decided I didn't like the look of them (OR the smell) so I pulled them...
  2. Bishop from Aliens - What would make for good synthetic 'blood'?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I've got a boiler suit, extension hoses for 'intestines' and a black bag to cover my legs and feet (I'm a wheelchair so I hope it'll look like I've just been ripped in 2) and the messy hair. I'm wondering what I could use for the white synthetic 'blood' and 'viscera', any suggestions? I thought...
  3. Are these Questions/Riddles too difficult for a Party Game?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    These questions/riddles will be found on our trail 1. Armless legless I crawl around when I am young Then the time of changing sleep will come I will awake like a newborn, flying beast till then on the remains of the dead I will feast 2 Take off my skin and I won't cry but you...
  4. Female Mad Scientist...Any help? > I'd be very grateful!

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Here I am, introducing myself on the same day I actually start asking for help. I'm throwing this Mad Scientists party in a dental practice and can't seem to figure out my costume. The jacket I use for work seemd a great start and I thought I'd add white stocking and white flat shoes with laces...
  5. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Halloween 2016

    General Halloween
    I'm a huge fan of BPAL and look forward to their Halloween release every year. Where else can I buy the smell of crunchy leaves and Cheesecloth ghosts? I'm surprised to no see mentions of them here so I thought I'd fix that. They're a small American perfumer specializing in all natural...
  6. Other: Scary Snow White Halloween Decor

    Halloween Props
    Hi, I was wondering if any of you have done a Scary Snow White Halloween Decor Thank You
  7. Haunted Walk-through help

    General Halloween
    I'm a little bit stuck on what to do with my haunted walk-through for this year. I know you guys are all so creative so I'm hoping someone can inspire me. I have a decent-sized front yard and normally I do a cemetery set-up. Last year I added a 10 x 20 walk-through using two white pop up...
  8. What's on your scavenger hunt list 2016?

    General Halloween
    I thought there was one of these last year, but I can't find it. This is my favorite time of year (sometimes I think the hunt is more fun than the holiday). And of course, there will be new things coming along all the time. But I'm wondering what things you will be searching for this year...
  9. Static: White stones matter

    Halloween Props
    Well they do! Moving things around in the garage and pulled out my group of white stones. I have twice as many gray ones but the white add variety and realism to any graveyard. These are all coated with white DryLok and then stained/aged which tones them down a bit but the contrast is noticeable.
  10. Current Project: Freak Show Marquee Sign

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi guys! So I decided, since my Halloween Party this year is going to be Haunted Freak Show, I would make a few props and then share them with ya'll! First project: Freak Show Marquee Sign! And I decided to share my progress! SUPPLIES: Foam Board (1 sheet black, 1 sheet white) 1 Exacto...
  11. Red, White and Dead Card Exchange

    General Halloween
  12. Static: Carrie White Tombstone

    Halloween Props
    Hey Folks. Anyone have a good clear picture of the inscription on the carrie white tombstone from the original movie? Thanks!
  13. Static: should I paint it black

    Halloween Props
    finally had to put a real plywood roof on my hears, used birch ply or floor underlayment when I built tried all kinds of things to seal it but the water got in an separated it all I did make it two years though, while I am fixing that I am making a few other modifications. put on some molding...
  14. Looking for white pumpkin pails and spider

    Wanted to Buy
    Hi all! New guy to the forum here. I was hoping you could help me find some items. We do an animated computer controlled Halloween display each year and this year I am using pixels for everything. We ran a mix of pixels and incandescent lighting last year. I use the normal orange trick or...
  15. Lighting: LED question

    Halloween Props
    I got some little zombie heads from a forum member. They change from red to green to blue to white. Is this done by varying the voltage or is it voodoo.
  16. Idea for stormsimmulator

    General Halloween
    Hi, I am thinking about using a thunder theme in my haunt but the problem is that those storm emmulators are expensive here in Belgium. Then I realized that those are sounds reactive. I am wondering if those disco light's could work. These would cost me about 15 dollars Those are 60w...
  17. 2016 - Project 1 - Paper Mache Pumpkin Instructor's Thread

    Halloween Prop Building Group
    This is the instructor's thread for the first project of 2016, a paper mache pumpkin. The build will begin on Feb 1st. Please note this thread is for the instructor's use only. Please post all questions and comments in the student's thread found here. Materials needed 1 or 2 plastic bags –...
  18. Halloween 2015 in Gatineau, QC, Canada

    General Halloween
    Hey All, I'm new to this site, just came accross it and it seems like a fun place :) I've been setting up haunts for the last 12 years and adding a little more each year. this year a changes the facade on the house, and changed the doorway arch to fake stones versus just painted. next year i'm...
  19. Atmosphere Effects: atmosphere fx

    Halloween Props
    Im looking to try atmosphere fx next year wanted to know if anyone recommends any projectors Im new at this also for the screen does everyone use a white shower curtain?
  20. Static: Inexpensive and quick mausoleum front to project into.

    Halloween Props
    2 sonotubes. $15 Pack of white foam board $8 2 dollar store coolers $2 Tube of foam board glue $3 Quart of white paint I tinted myself to gray with black latex I had here. $5.00 Total $33 It was a quick build started Friday night, finished Halloween morning. Worked out well, threw a broke...