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  1. $10 Grab Bags Galore

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Chance for a steal of a deal! We're clearing out some of our inventory at a massive discount. Every bag is at least a minimum of a $40 value for a bargain of only $10! Each Grab Bag is completely unique and random (while supplies last)! Below are just a few of the many items your bag could...
  2. Parts for your own Horse Drawn Hearse

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hi there, Well, I had every intention in the world of building my own Horse Drawn Hearse, but.....have purchased a Real Hearse instead. Yup......I finally found and bought an actual Older Hearse, so I really have no need for any of the parts that I have been collecting for the past year or more...
  3. Life Size Horse Drawn Hearse - Huntington, WV

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    This is a ~10.5 feet by ~4 feet hearse prop. While the wheels are a bit warped, it does roll some for positioning and does turn. It comes with two electric lanterns built in and wired. The whole thing is made from 2x4s, plywood, and wooden sheathing and is painted black. The back door is also...
  4. Static: Made a hayride cart, pretty easy prop

    Halloween Props
    We made a hayride cart to go behind our corpse skeleton horse (home D). We used a small table that the legs go down short. Cut a thin piece of wood about the same size as the table, (thin, like the kind from wood crates, not plywood) then made a lip on the 2 long sides to fit over the table...
  5. Static: My 3-Week Funeral Hearse Build

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, for my first post (long time silent observer) I wanted to share the tail end of my hearse build. Now, first thing's first: I needed wheels. Because there was no way I was going to attempt this without having the coach wheels ready to go. So I found mine at a few different At Home...
  6. Other: Saki.Girl hearse build

    Halloween Props
    SO this year i wanted to add a hearse so here is what we made :) went from to cutting out hearse and wheels to this still need to do some details but love it so far
  7. Prop Showcase: Horse Drawn Hearse 2016 - JD

    Halloween Props
    Well, now that I put it out there, I guess there's no turning back now. Decided to start with wheels first. I used Jenn's method and cut them out from two sheets of plywood glued together. I thought 48" wheels were a bit too big. I'm going with 42" for the rear and 32" for the front. And, so...
  8. Kmart -- Halloween 2016

    General Halloween
    I was looking through Kmart's online Outdoor Decor section and they have some nice angel cherubs for a cemetery. Two I've noticed are under $10. I've bought their large wagon wheels before which I thought were pretty good (for my circus wagon). I use to see the wagon wheels at Big Lots but...
  9. Cannons for Sale

    For Sale By Merchants
    Blackbeards Cannons, handmade Pirate Cannons for sale. Includes 400 watt fogger with timer. Perfect for Pirate Parties. Ren Faires, Halloween Parties. Prices are $599 for Cannon with small wheels, $699 for Cannons with large wheels with emblems. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Please call...
  10. H Is for House | A Haunted House on Halloween Night and More | Baby Songs from Mother

    Halloween Music
    H Is for House | A Haunted House on Halloween Night and More | Baby Songs from Mother Goose Club! DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/ntukdvmd0puu4khv5q1f8r9cxp5xnp50 nTrack List:\nA Haunted House on Halloween Night\nGhost Family\nAlphabet Train\nOld Mother Hubbard\nOne, Two, Buckle My...
  11. Other: Funeral Hearse

    Halloween Props
    Was thinking about about building a funeral hearse. The problem so far is the wheels are so darnn expensive. Anyone know of any sites that are reasonable on wood carriage wheels? I already checked Ebay and my local Facebook sale sites. Thanks
  12. Pneumatic: Circus Wagon in the works

    Halloween Props
    I'm doing a carnival theme this year and wanted a Circus Wagon. After lots of research I came up with something I thought would work. With the exception of the sign, which is a slot machine topper I picked up in Vegas, most everything was made from scratch, including the wheels. I'll have it...