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  1. Halloween Props
    ever since getting my first set of stormtrooper armor, I have been wanting to make a vac table. I pulled out my old book on moulding. it has a rather involved tutorial complete with making your own heating coils and making a very large frame for eveything. dont really think I need to get that...
  2. Halloween Props
    Today I installed my fifth solar lighting unit for the exterior of the house. They are die cast aluminum spot lights,3 to a package with the solar collector. They are made with cast aluminum mounting stakes ,which i usually modify because I am not sticking them into the ground, I am mounting...
  3. Halloween Props
    I finally took the plunge and bought a welder and am trying to teach myself how to weld. Here's the results of my first attempts at welding up a pneumatic pop up. These will be combined into my Pirate display with an audio track and run by a Picaxe controller.
  4. Halloween Props
    Hi this is my first thread, I'm 14 going on 15, I LOVEEEEEE Halloween and have made numerous animatronicss, for 3 years now. This year's animatronic has been chosen: A sparking electric pole with a transformer. My ideas are to have a hidden welder remotely trigger and send small falling sparks...
  5. Halloween Props
    heard about this place in Cal, Tech Shop http://techshop.ws/. Thouoght everyone here would be interested, and looks like its coming to Detroit. This will be a help to all making props. find out how to use milling machines, welders, etc. I am not affiliated with them in any way, just thought...
1-5 of 5 Results