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  1. General Halloween
    I thought I might start a thread for this year, even thought it is early, we don't usually get stuff until August in Australia. This way can compile a list of what shops are stocking and websites are shipping to Australia. Places I know of in South Australia: Savers (the best I have found in...
  2. General Halloween
    I find myself in the doldrums between Halloweens, but this is also a pretty good time to find deals on props at certain websites. I know there are threads here that discuss websites selling props, but new ones come and old ones attrite, so I would like to create a new up to date thread for...
  3. General Halloween
    I was wondering what websites you fellow Halloweeners visit to see the newest Halloween items for the upcoming season. My go to was always Halloween Asylum.com but they vanished from the internet. So I was trying to think what other companies sold their items through them, I am interested in...
  4. Halloween Music
    About 5 years ago I was putting together some audio files for use with some Halloween props I was making. I found LOTS of files on several different haunters websites and many of them had links to other websites with audio files as well. Now here is my problem. I saved all of these websites...
  5. Wanted to Buy
    Does anyone know of any websites that sell XXL turbans?
  6. Halloween Props
    Hey guys! Can anyone recommend any good websites that have prop ideas? Instructions included preferably lol
  7. Halloween Music
    I'm uploading some new Halloween tutorials really soon and I'm looking for some royalty free music websites. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!;);)
  8. General Halloween
    Here at the link below you can find funny Halloween websites. http://blog.seniorennet.be/wesp333/archief.php?startdatum=1319752801&stopdatum=1319839201
  9. General Halloween
    I have selected a new name for my yard haunt and wanting to crank up my presence in the community and I think a website would increase my credibility and tots, so I'm curious : 1) do you have a website for your home/yard haunt? 2) do you have a face page for your home/yard haunt? 3) do you...
  10. Links
    Anyone out there have a halloween or horror site? would anyone be interested in a link exchange?? if so email me. [email protected]
  11. General Halloween
    There isn't much in my area in the way of Halloween supplies, and I could use some good online resources. Particularly, I am looking for decorations and accents that are more spooky/creepy than cutesy or tacky; e.g., gargoyles, candelabras, engraved goblets, eerie ambient lighting, non-cartoony...
1-11 of 12 Results