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  1. Last Minute Webcam Setup?

    General Halloween
    So, last year I used the off-brand Go-Pro my husband had to record most of the ToTs coming to my door. It was pretty awesome and I did get to see the one kid I had originally missed that actually ran away! I do plan on using it again this year, but I really want something better. My main problem...
  2. Night Vision Webcam

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    For my mad lab haunt this year, I wanted to find a way to record better video. In years past, my cell phone and Flip camera didn't record well because of the dim lighting. So this year I turned to the forum for some help. Thankfully DexterSinister steered me down a path I wasn't familiar with -...
  3. Other: Prop Skype chat

    Halloween Props
    Hi Fellow Propaholics, I have EMailed back and forth with a few of you about this concept recently and there seems to be some interest. I am pretty s-l-o-w at typing. And thought it would be simple and easy to have an evening where those of us with a webcam, or at least a mic, would be...