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  1. Prop Showcase: Hellevator Panel for Pro Haunt

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys! Here’s a Hellevator panel I fabricated for a pro haunt here in Madison. The panel is cast entirely of resin plastic so it has no breakable parts in case someone bumps into it during the ride. The buttons are all backlit by lights that go crazy during the ride while the red emergency...
  2. Leaves are starting to fall off the tree!

    General Halloween
    As much as I love Halloween and the fall, I'm not quite ready for the leaves to change color and fall off the trees! This summer has been unusually cool here in the Hoosier state. I need some more good weather to get stuff done. :( Anybody else experiencing what appears to be an early fall?
  3. Static: Foam board questions

    Halloween Props
    Hi haunters, Yup, I'm a newbie here. However, I've been back and forth to your site reading many of your threads -- admiring your projects and talents, but mostly here to learn about what goes into making one's own props. I'm going to get to the point, because I have a husband who puts his...
  4. What do you do when rain strikes

    General Halloween
    So I want to set up my graveyard scene but they are cheap foam tombstones (ran out of time before I could make my own) and I am scared of it raining. For people with big set ups what do you do to prevent the rain or wind from runing your stuff?
  5. Atmosphere: Seven Layers of Scare

    Part of series: Seven Layers of Scare: http://www.halloweenforum.com/blogs/terra/528-seven-layers-scare.html Detailed look at layer six of Seven Layers of Scare.... Atmosphere It's time to set the ambiance, mystique and feeling of the room. Layer six: Atmosphere, is where you add...