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  1. Weather forcast in your area for our big day?????

    General Halloween
    Being a haunter- worse thing is bad weather( rain and wind) as you know- looks good in Northern NJ this Saturday- Sunny and high of 53- low of 39 at night0 but NO RAIN!!!!!!!Worst fear is always all this set up for hardly any ToTers- how's it looking in your area and any PLAN B's in case of bad...
  2. Halloween Weather

    General Halloween
    Well, we're getting closer & maybe now the weather folks can get us a little better forecast. Here's a GFS model/map for Halloween for the Mid-Atlantic region. GFS (global forecast system) isn't always reliable & most models aren't this far out but it's a good educated guess really.
  3. Look Out East Coast haunters, a very rainy week is on tap (pun intended)

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Some heavy rain is expected along the East Coast through the week-end,possibly longer if Joaquin sticks around. This was going to be an intense decorating week-end, now it looks like I'll focus my energy indoors. Plus, there is a threat of flooding creeks and streams. One runs through the middle...
  4. Other: Clear matte finish weather proofing for large wall panels?

    Halloween Props
    I have 3 large 4 X 8 wall panels that I need to weather proof. I need the coating to be a clear matte finish and relatively easy to apply to large surfaces. I did a search on the forum and saw that clear polyurethane is often used for small projects. Can it be used for large projects? If so...
  5. Static: Haunted Tree

    Halloween Props
    I'm looking at building this in the next couple month for my outside haunt: http://www.halloweenforum.com/tutorials-and-step-by-step/109371-my-haunted-tree.html However, I'm wondering what I can put on it to seal it from teh weather (mainly rain).
  6. Weather in a Box - Tempescope

    General Halloween
    I saw this on the WaPo weather blog & thought someone here could find a use for this. I wasn't sure where to put it so here it is in General, feel free to move it mods. http://www.tempescope.com/ They're crowdfunding for it right now so they're not available commercially but, more importantly...
  7. Seemingly Autumn

    General Halloween
    Today was, and tomorrow will be very fall-esque out here... cloudy, just the right amount of chill the only things missing are the red and orange, and that awesome... silent feeling... can't place words to it... That wonderful "connected feeling" I'm sure some of you out there have felt it. The...
  8. Other: plaster column weather sealer question

    Halloween Props
    I bought two of the attached column, gotta love craigslist! I want to put them outside with my Halloween display but I'm not sure what I should use to weather protect them. They are made out of plaster. Thanks in advance.
  9. Other: Note quite Halloween, but thought I'd ask :)

    Halloween Props
    Hi all! Some of the props I've seen here are just amazing, and I am still making my list of stuff to do for next Halloween, but I have a project to do before then that is not quite Halloween related. I have this Disney Mickey Mouse faux "topiary" that was lit with xmas lights. Well, the lights...
  10. Question for those doing full yard walkthru haunts

    General Halloween
    I have a bunch of questions for you guys who do full yard walkthrus. I've been contemplating one since our yard got redone and some themes would lend themselves well to it; but hubby's not in favor of it so far. Weather is one issue he has since you really do have to set up days in advance and...
  11. Mechanical: Got my wise cracking talking skeleton set & ready to go

    Halloween Props
    This is not how I wanted to display him but horrid weather conditions forced me to adapt and overcome.
  12. Halloween tomorrow and I'm p#$%&* off!

    General Halloween
    I live in East Tennessee and things are looking bad for H-ween trick-or-treating. The weather is supposed to be cold and rainy and I'm not about to let my ToT catch a cold just for free candy. This hovever is not why I'm so upset. I have been avoiding trunk-or-treats, fall festivals, and...
  13. New Guy Here

    Member Introduction
    Hello, My name is R.J. from Florida. One of the foremost things I anticipate is the Halloween games that are featured this time of year. From Monster Basement to Ghostscape. Phantom Mansion is another gem! Personally, I feel the weather in central and south Florida is not ideal(but every years...
  14. Party Tonight!!!!! So much to do!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I've been focusing on my first backyard haunt this year, so I haven't put as much effort into planning the actual party. I have a LONG to do list and only a few hours to do it. Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to start the party a little later this year, so that gives me a little more...
  15. A short rant about surprise thunderstorms

    General Halloween
    In Phoenix we have what's known as a "monsoon season", lasting from July till the end of September, during which thunderstorms and blowing dust are fairly common. This year has been a particularly active monsoon season and we had a giant, destructive thunderstorm in early October which took down...
  16. Mechanical: My indoor props

    Halloween Props
    This might be a silly question, but I will ask anyway. We have the 6 ft. Freddy, Jason and a grim reaper. We want to put them outside with all our other decorations but worry the weather will ruin them, is there anyway to be able to do this?
  17. Whether or not, weather

    General Halloween
    Ah, thoughts of halloween 2014 and all the work and fun to be had. And at just over a month, long range is an irresistible peek, at least for me. Highly unreliable this far out, but it's a daily peek a boo as the boo gets closer. Right now this far out, I have a wonderful day in store! May...
  18. Static: Gorilla Glue or Minwax?

    Halloween Props
    Hello Haunters, I have made a 4' x 8' sign that I will be hanging outside and was hoping for advice on weather proofing.... Glue or Spar Urethane? Some details: -Sign is made out of Foam and Wood with many coats of Acrylic Paint. -I have used scrap pieces for testing and have found...
  19. Halloween Forecast Available NOW

    General Halloween
    Accuweather.com has a 45-day forecast which, for our area, is reasonably accurate. Today is the first day that Halloween is available and it's currently coming in as sunny and 51 degrees! Woohoo!!! Fingers crossed, it'll hold. What are the forecasts for your areas?
  20. Boarding up windows

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Going to use foam boards to cover windows and was wondering if anybody has used larger suction cups, and do they work well in cold weather, thanks for any replies