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  1. Pneumatic: PIR sensor on a picoboo

    Halloween Props
    I bought a PIR sensor from Ebay/aliexpress, comes with 3 wires : brown, blue and red now i want to connect it to my Picoboo FI-104S for it to activate when this is movement but i can't figure out how to connect and make it works. I have tried connecting all 3 wires in all possible ways of the...
  2. Static: Need Funhouse Mirror Advice

    Halloween Props
    I've seen several ways to make funhouse mirrors and am wondering if anyone knows of a way to make mirrors with superior results. By "superior" I mean without ripples and with a nearly true mirror quality reflection. Thanks.
  3. Other: Snake Skins/Props

    Halloween Props
    Hello all! On good old Marketplace, I was able to buy two 60" poseable skeletons for a combined $10. Couldn't pass that up! They're the good ones too. Anyhow! Got me to thinking about All Hallows Eve this year. I've always done spiders, as it's what I hate, and wanted to share the fear...
  4. Static: Lighted tombstones

    Halloween Props
    In the past the front row of my graveyard was a series of dollar store coolers turned upside down. For some I put the lid on the bottom for a bit more decoration. They hid the lights that illuminated the rows behind them. The trouble with these came at night because they were essentially dead...
  5. Hello - Back from the Home Haunting Grave...so to speak.

    Member Introduction
    Hello all, Just thought I'd register. I was a home haunted back in the early 2000s - had to sell off almost all my home props to another Home Haunter after my little girl was born and she was too scared of it all. Now she is 13, really into it all, we've moved across country to a new house, and...
  6. HD Skeleton Horse Help

    Halloween Props
    For those with the Home Depot Skeleton horse with the saddle and a rider, how are you getting the Skelton rider to stay on the saddle? For the last 2 years, I have used fishing line in all sorts of ways to make it stay, even then a small breeze causes it to topple over. Any insight and...
  7. Tips for making a party scary

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I've been throwing a Halloween party the last few years, and I want to up my game. I have a decent amount of decor, but I want to find a way to make the atmosphere a bit spookier, put people on edge a bit. I tend to stick with fairly traditional Halloween elements - lots of skeletons, bats...
  8. Last year's decor

    General Halloween
    I just uploaded an album of our photos from 2017, shortly after we moved to our new place in Washington. Still tweaking things as we're setting up this year (almost done!). I tried to arrange them in order, but after uploading them a few different ways, I'm stymied. :o That I can tell, there...
  9. How to make a plastic cauldron wider

    Need ways to make a plastic cauldron wider.
  10. Hello from OKC

    Member Introduction
    Hello all, I am finally old enough to enjoy Halloween the way I've always wanted to. Basically I can spend money and build props. We always have great halloween parties, but this is the first year that I am jumping into the prop building and trying to create a real spooky vibe. My occupation...
  11. Greetings from me

    Member Introduction
    Hello there, My name is Ayame and I'm new around here. I've been lurking for awhile though and looking forward to trying to find a place in the community. I've been very impressed with the imagination and creativity of the people around here and I hope to benefit from your expertise as I learn...
  12. how to attract more trick or treaters?

    General Halloween
    so about 7 or 8 years ago my house would get load of ToTs the past few years the numbers began to drop. we are in a city that is know to have a bit of a crime problem, but our neighbor hood is pretty decent. I always try to set up my haunt early so that people who just pass by might think about...
  13. Atmosphere Effects: backyard forest.....

    Halloween Props
    hey everyone, i use a 10 x 20 canopy to make my maze... this yr we want a forest look... any ideas how to get started.... I have 4 walls and door ways..
  14. Halloween and the retro revival

    General Halloween
    Everyone knows by now, that discontinued foods from restaurants and retail are coming back left and right. They're bringing back countless franchises in movies and TV shows. Even other old ways are coming back, such as DIY, makers, and crafting. I wonder if retro will eventually turn up in...
  15. Mechanical: Please Help, wiper motor wiring!

    Halloween Props
    I am new to this website and just read thru 15 pages to find an answer and I still did not find one. I scored 3 2001 cavalier wiper motors but cannot get them to work. Have 5 wires coming out of them- yellow, gray, black, purple, and green. I tried to connect it several ways with no luck. I...
  16. Electronic/Software: Gemmy skull/greeting card chip?

    Halloween Props
    Hi all, new to the site, love this stuff! I'm hoping to pick your brains about a project im working on. I have a walmart gemmy talking skull and want to record my own message for it to say. I've seen many ways of doing this however I was wondering if anyone has tried recording onto the chip in...
  17. 8 Ways Haunters Survive the Holidays

    General Halloween
    Hey everyone! Drew from FrightProps here - just wanted to show you guys a fun little thing we did that maybe speaks to all of us a little. 8 Ways Haunters Survive the Holidays! Check it out on our blog and leave us some feedback!
  18. Prop Showcase: The Scariest thing I saw this Halloween.

    Halloween Props
    I posted some of this year's videos on my web site. The first one "Always Look Both Ways" is the scariest thing I have seen in 8 years. The boy across the street was so excited that he forgot to look both ways. His Dad sounds like a religious man. http://www.snydercentral.com/H2014.htm