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  1. Waterproofing a Tombstone

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I am trying a new waterproof technique for some props. So Check it out and let me know what you think or could even do better. Feel Free to subscribe to the channel too hoping to post a whole bunch of videos.
  2. Lighting: LED flood light with lots of features

    Halloween Props
    I was looking for something to cast a large dinosaur image on our 2-story house's side wall when we set up for our dino haunt and can't wait to try out. It's 15W and hoping it will be bright enough to do what I want and still be creepy lighting. Just ordered it from Amazon. It's a set of...
  3. 2019 follow along: Cadaver Tomb. Trevor 2.0

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Don't know if it will be so much a tutorial, but I've decided to revisit one of my old props and attack it with some lessons learned. Back in 2012 I created the original Trevor. It was meant to be a one-off, and sold after Halloween that year. I was unhappy with a couple little...
  4. Static: Paper Mache and Resin?

    Halloween Props
    Forgive me if this has been asked before. I'm planning on making an alien from the film "Devil's Gate", The skeleton will be PVC but I need to bulk up some areas with paper mache, or something. This prop needs to be waterproof to stand up to fall weather in MI. Once I get the body the way I...
  5. Amazon Waterproof Projector

    Halloween Props
    Not sure if this belongs on General - or how long the deal will last - but Amazon is offering a purportedly waterproof spotlight projector for $ 9.90 when you use coupon code VI88OCJ5 . You can print your own custom gobos to create a static scene. It does not have any inputs or movement...
  6. Pneumatic: refurbing my first pneumatic prop

    Halloween Props
    Okay, so about 10 years ago i built a pneumatic prop. It used a bicycle pump and sprinkler valve ( not the safest idea but lowwww pressure) it was a ghoul that would pop straight up when triggered, doubling in height. some of you might know it as my avatar. I wanted something safer, so I got a...
  7. Static: Waterproof red "blood" paint?

    Halloween Props
    I am working on a "zombie feast" display this year with a bunch of zombies sitting at a table eating guts. I've cut a piece of plywood to sit on top of a long folding table, and I want to glue down a blood spattered sheet as a tablecloth. Any recommendations for red paint which won't run in...
  8. Early Birthday Present.

    General Halloween
    My wife surprised me with this amazing birthday gift today. It's a waterproof sign for my haunt!
  9. Static: Help with skeleton wedding seating?

    Halloween Props
    We decided to go with a wedding theme, due to our original theme being too time consuming/budget busting to do properly. Looking for suggestions on seating for the wedding guests - something that won't cost a ton and is waterproof. If the wedding is in a graveyard, they could sit on...
  10. Static: monster mud question

    Halloween Props
    Is monster mud waterproof? As in rain proof.
  11. Atmosphere Effects: What are the best outdoor speakers

    Halloween Props
    As my haunt grows....I am looking to expand my ambient music / sound effects. I live in the Pacific North West where weather (precipitation) is ALWAYS an issue. For the past years I have just opened a window and used some computer speakers to push the music outdoors....works ok. I would love...
  12. Sweat, water & smudge proof makeup /face paint

    Hi all, I am quite new to face paints and am looking in to makeup or face paint that is water, sweat and smudge proof. I am going to be working in a club and doing minor makeup on people, such as cat nose and whiskers. Last time I did it in a club it was fine I used a waterproof eyeliner but...
  13. Atmosphere Effects: Spider Web (Waterproof?)

    Halloween Props
    Sorry if there is already another thread for this...I am new to this website. Heard it's one of the best places to get help. Anyways, I am looking for something to make waterproof spider webs. I know you can go to the store and buy the bags of the cotton stuff, but the problem is, I need this...
  14. Other: Waterproof / Weatherproof: What do you leave out?

    Halloween Props
    Since I've decided to get a little more ambitious with my Halloween decorating this year, I've been wondering what things you leave out and which you pull in at the end of the night, or at the very least, if it looks like it's going to rain. I bought a few plastic skeletons and both of them say...
  15. Electronic/Software: How do you guys waterproof your props ????

    Halloween Props
    I know that lots of you guys keep your displays out for the entire month of October, so my question is how do you stop rain getting to your wire connections on your motors and how do you cover extension cords ???? This may be a little unclear so just ask if you want me to be more specific...
  16. Static: Weatherproof Tombstone?

    Halloween Props
    I am looking for a way to weatherproof my tombstones made out of foam sheets. I know I can use the enamel in a spray paint can, but does anybody know if there is a better option?