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  1. Static: Life-size TALES FROM THE CRPYT (cryptkeeper) bust

    Halloween Props
  2. Good Halloween YouTube channel?

    General Halloween
    So it's that time of year where I get into the swing of things with Halloween projects and I always like some inspiration in the form of YouTube videos! One channel I really like is Hollywood Haunter, but I definitely would like a new one to watch if anyone knows of some!
  3. Static: HALLOWEEN Michael Myers prop

    Halloween Props
    Please subscribe to my youtube channel and watch my other horror prop videos, Thanks
  4. HomeDepot -- 2019

    General Halloween
    Home Depot has some of their Christmas items on 50% off sale right now online. I saw this ShowHome App RGBW LED Ball on sale and thought, cool! I guess this was suppose to look like snowballs maybe but Watch the video and let your mind go to halloween themes...Pulsating Alien space ball...
  5. Heathens Halloween Party

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Last weekend we had an amazing Halloween party, lots of fun food and poisonous beverages :) Each year my group called the Helsteeds organise parties for friends and family members, we celebrate Halloween like it's new years eve! And also when timed right in the UK the clocks turn back an hour...
  6. Static: Creepy Eye Following Portrait Easy DIY Project

    Halloween Props
    This is simple yet creepy DIY project. It's fun to watch people back up when they walk by it the first time.
  7. Other: Batteries for Yankee Candle Boney Bunch?

    Halloween Props
    Hi. Does anyone know what size watch batteries go into the Yankee Candle 2011 Boney Bunch witch with crystal ball? It doesn't say anywhere on the decoration. Thanks
  8. Guide to visiting pet sematary filming locations

    Horror Discussion
    For anyone who likes the movie Pet Sematary, you'll want to watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZfVFcngpm0

    For Sale By Merchants
    The Blinking Bogeymen sleep during the day and come alive at night!!!! NEW RELEASE FOR HALLOWEEN 2018: The Blinking Bogeymen are 14 pairs of Red LED Lights with a custom made blinking pattern. This is a hard to find product. Due to Customers Demand, the Blinking Bogeymen are designed to look...
  10. Hi!

    Member Introduction
    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I found this site on Pinterest while looking at the Halloween Stuff board and thought i would come have a look. In my spare time i use a lot of Photoshop and Illustrator to create designs to sell on 'Print on Demand' websites like 'Merch by Amazon' and 'Redbubble'...
  11. Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween

    Horror Discussion
    I saw the trailer for it when I took my kids to see Hotel Transylvania this summer. I know not exactly a horror film and the first movie wasn’t that good. I grew up watching the Goosebumps series and still watch some of my favorite episodes Netflix. I’m a little excited about it because it...
  12. Can't watch videos

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Windows 7 , using Explorer 11 I think. I can't view the videos anymore . I was able to until this week........
  13. Prop Showcase: Packing it up

    Halloween Props
    Packing makes for some interesting photo ops. My giant hanging monster takes the long way to the storage unit every year just so I can watch the traffic in the review mirror. It's almost like a second Halloween.
  14. Halloween Contacts?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I'm thinking about getting some contacts for Halloween this year but I really know nothing about them. Here is a link to the ones I'm looking a getting. http://www.spookyeyes.com/zombie-contact-lenses/bloodshot-eye-contact-lenses Is there anything I need to watch out for when shopping for...
  15. The Houses October Built 2

    Horror Discussion
    Did anyone else watch this? It came out on VOD Friday. A friend of mine came over and we watched it, both of us fans of the original. Our personal opinion on this one was what a waste of time. It's listed as a hour and 41 minutes and a hour and 30 minutes is the same damn thing as the first...
  16. Your #1

    General Halloween
    I'm wanting to know what everyone's must watch movie/TV show at Halloween. The #1 that you absolutely have to see no matter what. I'm hoping to come across new stuff with everyone's response. Mine is Halloween 1978. It's my must watch on the 31st. Even though I watch it a lot through out the...
  17. Novemberween in full swing here. How is yours?

    General Halloween
    Definitely jumping right into Novemberween as much as possible in Los Angeles. This recent Halloween season, for me personally, was very difficult, and almost nothing got scheduled or done. This is sad, but that is what Novemberween is for, to make up for all that sort of deficiency. Horror...
  18. Video of our 2016 Yard Haunt

    General Halloween
    Ok I had to revamp a little on our video so I have reloaded it. Just click on the link below in my signature if you would like to watch.
  19. 31 Days of Halloween -- October Movie Marathon

    General Halloween
    All right, here's the promised thread. Feel free to jump on board and post your selections. I know people have been posting some current viewings. This is a planned event to get your TV spook on for the entire month of October! I watch a lot of annual repeats, but it's always fun to make up the...
  20. Netflix Stranger Things

    Horror Discussion
    I haven't seen anyone talking about Netflix's Stranger Things on here, which is weird. This show is incredible, thrilling, scary, suspenseful, and great. Has anyone else watched? if you havent and have netflix WATCH IT NOW! its basically the goonies with a touch of xfiles and tales from the...