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  1. Our 2018 yard haunt "Pestilence"

    General Halloween
    Some pics of our yard haunt from 2018. Had a lot of fun with this theme. I didn't have the chance to display the Wasp props I got from Nevermore Productions, but those will be setup this year. Also the last 3 pics was taken a week before we setup the awesome sewer facade from Nevermore Productions.
  2. Static: MONSTER WASP PART 6: WIngs and Taking Flight

    Halloween Props
    MONSTER WASP - PART 6: WINGS AND TAKING FLIGHT! Continued from here: http://www.halloweenforum.com/halloween-props/151914-monster-wasp.html WINGS 9 gage wire Painted 4 mil plastic sheet Zip ties Cling wrap Marker Will refine them if they actually work. Wing Mounts Had to curl the wire to...
  3. Static: Monster wasp!!!

    Halloween Props
    MONSTER WASP! This year’s primary project. Roughly 7-8 ft long. The goal is to make it as detailed and as accurate as possible. OH and it must conform to the “Attic Hatch Prime Directive”: It needs to fit through my 24” x 48” garage hatch. Concept image: PART 1 - BODY BUILDING 2” POLYFOAM...
  4. Blackie Lawless of W.A.S.P.

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hopefully this will inspire a 2nd wind into this costume. I made this costume about 10 years ago and most of it, surprisingly, is still intact. I made the bracers with 2 versions of saws - real and fake. The final look of them varies a little bit from both pictures below. The codpiece with...