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  1. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I’m looking to purchase either version of Gemmy’s classic Jason Voorhees animatronics… my offer is $700 but I’m willing to-go-up-to $800… If completely working I will pay $1,000 If anyone has one and is willing to sell him to me, you will have to ship him. I am unable to travel due to...
    $700 USD
  2. Want to Buy
    In search of Grandin Road Headless Horseman
  3. Want to Buy
    I’m looking to buy this “flying witch over the moon” sign from Tuesday Morning. Will pay for the sign, shipping, and finders fee.
  4. Want to Buy
    Hello. I’ve been looking for one of the following zombie babies for quite some time now. I plan on using them for my Zombie Baby Treehouse display for this year. If you happen to own one of these, feel free to let me know! I am willing to buy or trade, and I am also fine with paying for...
  5. Want to Buy
    Hi everyone, I am looking for a Gemmy Life Size Brain Monster in working order (doesn't have to be fully working) and if you can post internationally as I live in the UK as I am willing to pay the postage and import charges even if it means listing it in ebay and have it sent through the Global...
  6. Want to Buy
    hi I'm looking to buy any gemmy items that have this style green of box/tag, as long as the box is in good condition please no life sizes, Dm me if you have anything
  7. Want to Buy
    DESPERATELY SEARCHING for the Pottery Barn two skeleton hands drink dispenser stand. Have been haunting (pun intended) Ebay but have had ZERO luck. Anybody have one they want to unload???
1-7 of 7 Results