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  1. Halloween Props
    Hey all, Kinda looking/searching into more animatronic props lately (building myself) and wanna get more into electrical and motors, etc. I created this prop this year, kinda like tombstone, built outta foam and wood. Maybe weights 20lbs or so. I was thinking of raising it up and down. So...
  2. Halloween Props
    And I'm gonna get brave! I wanna hang this from the tree, and run back fishing line puppetry to make him "look" and "reach" for people! https://youtu.be/SD1GVW_dRXE?list=FLk_5WOEsOBDx9Mi4SVxKjYw I absolutely MUST get started...... maybe a fogger from his mouth???
  3. General Halloween
    Wanna play? ♫ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♫ ♪ Up on the house top Thud Thud Thud Here come zombies covered in Blood Down thru' the chimney Drip drip drip Soon through windows they will slip. Oh no no! Time to go! Oh no no! Who wouldn't go! Now at the front door Boom boom boom Here come the zombies to bring your...
  4. Halloween Props
    hello julian here and ive been making props for the last 2 years love Halloween im a Chevrolet technician and have a pretty good grasp of dc voltage and pretty much the flow of energy I am here cause I know animatronics is a new ball park I was wondering if anyone knows of a good book or vid on...
  5. Product Reviews
    i'm considering buying her...anybody wanna share their thoughts on her?
  6. General Halloween
    How does everyone give out their candy? Bowl? prop? have you made something ? I wanna see what all these great minds have come up with!
  7. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hey guys and gals... I originally was going to do a stilt spirit costume this year but don't think it'll wind up happening. I still want to come up with something very scary. I was kinda thinking maybe a non-traditional witch doctor costume/scene, but just can't decide if I wanna go all in on...
1-7 of 9 Results