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  1. Hanging Scene Setter

    Halloween Props
    My husband and I have had our share of exploring all the possibilities for hanging scene-setter throughout the years ranging from various kinds of putty to staples. At the end of Halloween, we are left with staple holes that we need to cover then paint over or smudge spots from the putty that we...
  2. Other Skulls coming out of walls

    Halloween Crafts
    SOOOO.... I was thinking of doing skulls coming out of my walls. Not bloody or anything, I want them to match my paint wall color then transition into rot. I have no idea how to begin. I def want to use the Styrofoam skulls from Dollar Tree. I was thinking about dipping cheese cloth and/or...
  3. Easy signs for walls or material

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So many people have created awesome signs for their parties. I don't have the steady hand to produce them and I'm a bit impatient to put the time in. I want to move on to other decorating projects. This idea has worked so well for me this year, I thought I would share. For those not...
  4. Prop Showcase: Easy snakes and skulls for wall or mantle

    Halloween Props
    Super easy/cheap project that's actually kind of fun to do! I started with a piece of plexiglass only because I had that available. You can use foam board or probably even cardboard. Using my embossing heater (a hairdryer might work as well but the embosser gets really hot), I crumpled and...
  5. Other: How to flatten plastic wall decor sheets?

    Halloween Props
    You know those plastic backdrops and wall decor decorations everyone sells? Like these? I have a few of these and I am wondering how you guys go about getting the creases out of them? I think they are a quick and easy idea, but they never look like the pictures because of the creases...