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  1. General Halloween
    This year our town moved Halloween to Wednesday October 30th because of the intense rain that came on halloween. This is the video from that night. Too bad our mayor announced it at 2 pm that day... not a huge turnout but the familiar faces came by. Fun fact: today the winds came and my shack...
  2. General Halloween
    My outside walkthrough. I took this video at the very end of the night after all the halloween party people left and we were already starting to put things away (which is why you can see some boxes in the garage - where we had a food display). Also, the area outside the garage is a little...
  3. General Halloween
    Hi Here is my Halloween haunt, inspired by the Haunted Mansion at Disney, I do the same pretty much every year (just no time to add to it due to work). The theme is about a rich spinster who mistakenly poisons herself after being robbed by 3 suitors who also have succumbed to her poison...
  4. General Halloween
    We are done! Thanks sweatshop crew, Mo, Aly and of course Chicken Boy. Enjoy their work!
  5. Halloween Props
  6. General Halloween
    Walkthrough of the display testing the electronics. A few pictures to see some details.
  7. Halloween Props
    I am going to build out a twisting walkthrough in my yard this year with animated props providing jump scares as people pass through. I want the walking area to be partially obscured so that they can't quite see what's coming up next while still retaining a somewhat realistic look/feel of a...
  8. Halloween Props
    does anyone have the sound box from spirit? I was wondering how loud it is? have haunted graveyard walkthrough every year and thought this would be easier than placing speakers in graveyard.
  9. Halloween Props
    I finally made it a walkthrough. It was alot of hard work. Thanks to this forum for all the ideas and inspiration over the last four years!
  10. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
  11. General Halloween
    So. Let's sum it all up. The house is torn apart. The yard is a mud pit. It's supposed to rain out our party Sunday. There are those who just accept fate in these situations. For me, it's a question: Do we do the full yard walkthrough, or a front yard display? The present...
  12. General Halloween
    Im going for the Ground breaker cemetery type idea for my front. Was going to do a haunted walkthrough too but just ran out of time. Would love to hear some of your ideas.
  13. Halloween Props
    This prop collapses just like the rest of my haunt. This is the start to my haunted fireplace. I used a wood frame and canvas that will unscrew and roll up at the end of the season. The flame will be done with a tv and the atmosfear fx triple DVDs.
  14. General Halloween
    Hi everyone! This is my first post but I've been lurking for a long time; there's so much inspiration and enthusiasm here! I have wanted to create dark rides forever. Scary or otherwise, it's been a dream of mine since before I even knew they were called dark rides. This year, I'm taking a step...
  15. Halloween Props
    This is a fairly detailed video of a walkthrough of my latest (and probably last... for a while at least) haunted garage. We called the theme "Clown Apocalypse" but that was a last-minute decision. I had decided to not do a haunt this year because of some personal/medical problems but, at the...
  16. General Halloween
    Decorated my parents house.. Dusk Walkthrough.. Rohr Manor
  17. General Halloween
    Posted a video of this year's display.
  18. Halloween Props
    This year, I continued my black and white experiments with another webcomic haunt. I combined Kris Straub's incredibly disturbing Broodhollow (http://broodhollow.chainsawsuit.com) with Abby Howard's bizarre The Last Halloween (http://last-halloween.com) into one yard haunt. The front half...
  19. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I'm thinking of doing a back garden free standing Halloween walkthrough. I don't have a clue were to start.... Any suggestions/ideas or tutorials would be greatly appreciated. Even better show me pictures of yours. Thanks for all your help guys. :)
1-20 of 23 Results