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  1. Giant AT AT Walker house in Ohio

    General Halloween
    A pretty impressive feat for someone that isn't even a die hard Star Wars fan! I love how he's all "oh it was a weekend thing a thing we just worked on during the weekends" & just brushes it off like "meh, it was nuthin' to build it!" But we all know differently don't we...
  2. Stilt Walker Breakdown Part 1 (Image Heavy)

    To see a simple breakdown of the build, please check my profile for other posts ;) This is just an assortment of pictures of my walker costume off and then on and the process of wearing it. Please use it as reference to create your own and be sure to check out the 'original creator' on YouTube...
  3. legless body using a walker

    Hi everybody! I am a Halloween decorator newbie - like never cut pvc pipe new. I love the legless bodies using walkers that I've seen online, and want to attempt to make it. I've been searching for a tutorial with no success. Does anyone know where I can find one? I have an idea of how to...
  4. Static: zombie walker

    Halloween Props
    Threw this guy together last night. Think he came out well for a quick project...
  5. Static: What are you working on now that October is here! Show your projects...

    Halloween Props
    Started this walker thingy after seeing one on this forum. Found the walker at good will for five bucks. It is pretty lame compared to the stuff I see on here but kinda new to all this. Hope to finish him up this week. Toying with the idea of using this breathing mask as well. Who knows how...
  6. Mechanical: Walker zombie

    Halloween Props
    Hey everyone, build time is running out I just finished this walker. Put some hair on the mask and added the spray foam and blood to the bottom section. It has a shiatsu motor in the waist for movement. Upper torso and pants section all move. Thanks, Steve.
  7. Electronic/Software: Walker, the Texas Stalker

    Halloween Props
    I'm so pleased with this prop-in-progress I had to share. I saw a walker at a garage sale and scooped it up. I decided to try to make a lurching prop and figured the best way was to put wheels on it. I've worked with servos and pneumatics but this was new territory for me. I decided to use...